Name Country Genre Score
Killswitch Engage United States Metalcore 11
Unearth United States Melodic Metalcore 11
As I Lay Dying United States Metalcore 10
The Agony Scene United States Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal 8
All Shall Perish United States Deathcore 7
Abigail Williams United States Melodic Black/Deathcore (early), Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal (later) 6
The Agonist Canada Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore 6
It Dies Today United States Metalcore 6
Chimaira United States Groove/Post-Thrash Metal/Metalcore 6
Straight Line Stitch United States Nu-Metal (early), Metalcore (later) 6
Dead to Fall United States Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal 5
Himsa United States Metalcore (early), Melodic Death Metal (later) 5
Caliban Germany Metalcore 4
Throwdown United States Metalcore (early), Post-Thrash/Groove Metal (later) 4
Mendeed United Kingdom Nu Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore (later) 3
Crisis United States Death/Thrash Metal (early), Hardcore/Metalcore (later) 3
In Hearts Wake Australia Metalcore 3
Silent Civilian United States Melodic Death/Groove Metal/Metalcore 3