Name Country Genre Score
Crimson Moonlight Sweden Symphonic Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later) 27
Vaakevandring Norway Symphonic Black Metal 25
Slechtvalk Netherlands Melodic Black Metal (early), Viking Metal (later) 15
Grave Declaration Norway Symphonic Black/Death Metal 14
Horde Australia Black Metal 13
Divine Symphony Brazil Symphonic Black Metal 13
Dimmu Borgir Norway Symphonic Black Metal 10
Crush Evil Norway Death Metal 10
Frosthardr Norway Black Metal 10
Vardøger Norway Black/Death/Folk Metal 10
A Hill to Die Upon United States Black/Death Metal 9
Admonish Sweden Black Metal 9
Morgenroede Norway Black Metal 9
Shadows of Paragon Sweden Death/Black Metal 8
Elgibbor Poland Black Metal 8
Frost like Ashes United States Death/Black Metal 7
Roots of Tragedy Norway Black/Doom Metal 6
Lengsel Norway Progressive Black Metal (early), Post-Black Metal/Depressive Rock (later) 5
Déborah Mexico Symphonic Black Metal 5
Groms Norway Doom/Death Metal 5
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