Name Country Genre Score
Neaera Germany Melodic Death Metal 28
Caliban Germany Metalcore 23
Shadows Fall United States Melodic Death Metal (early), Metalcore (later) 18
In Flames Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Groove Metal/Alternative Rock (later) 16
Maroon Germany Metalcore/Post-Thrash Metal 15
As I Lay Dying United States Metalcore 14
Darkest Hour United States Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore 12
The Agonist Canada Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore 11
Kataklysm Canada Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later) 10
虚空 China Blackened Death/Melodic Death Metal 9
Unearth United States Melodic Metalcore 8
Conducting from the Grave United States Melodic Death Metal/Deathcore 8
The Black Dahlia Murder United States Melodic Death Metal 7
Arch Enemy Sweden Melodic Death Metal 7
Deadlock Germany Melodic Death Metal/Alternative/Groove Metal 7
Ending Atrophy Australia Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore 7
DevilDriver United States Nu-metal (early), Groove/Melodic Death Metal (later) 6
Himsa United States Metalcore (early), Melodic Death Metal (later) 6
Symbolic Germany Melodic Death Metal 6
Light This City United States Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore 5
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