Name Country Genre Score
Brocas Helm United States Epic Heavy Metal 76
Manilla Road United States Epic Heavy/Power Metal 59
Hammers of Misfortune United States Progressive Metal 47
Thin Lizzy Ireland Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 45
Cirith Ungol United States Heavy/Doom Metal 37
Argus United States Heavy/Doom Metal 30
Dawnbringer United States Heavy Metal with Black Metal influences 24
Skyclad United Kingdom Folk Metal 23
Legend United States Epic Heavy Metal 22
Realmbuilder United States Epic Heavy/Doom Metal 19
Blackholicus United States Heavy Metal 17
Iron Maiden United Kingdom Heavy Metal, NWOBHM 16
Illegal Bodies Canada Epic Heavy Metal 13
Bible of the Devil United States Heavy Metal 12
Isen Torr United Kingdom Epic Heavy Metal 10
Dark Quarterer Italy Epic Heavy Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 8
Wrathblade Greece Epic Heavy Metal 8
Colossus United States Heavy Metal 8
Grand Magus Sweden Heavy/Doom Metal 7
Eternal Champion United States Epic Heavy Metal 7
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