Name Country Genre Score
Cephalic Carnage United States Technical Grindcore/Death Metal 81
Dying Fetus United States Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 77
Aborted Belgium Death Metal 69
Murder Construct United States Death Metal/Grindcore 49
Misery Index United States Death Metal/Grindcore 45
Cryptopsy Canada Brutal/Technical Death Metal, Deathcore (2008) 36
Anaal Nathrakh United Kingdom Industrial Black Metal/Grindcore 34
Benighted France Black Metal (early), Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore (later) 26
Circle of Dead Children United States Death Metal/Grindcore 22
Gorerotted United Kingdom Grindcore (early), Death Metal (later) 21
Man Must Die United Kingdom Technical Death Metal 20
Animals Killing People United States Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore 19
The Red Chord United States Technical Death Metal/Grindcore/Metalcore 18
Cerebral Bore United Kingdom Brutal Death Metal 18
Origin United States Technical Brutal Death Metal 16
Decrepit Birth United States Technical Death Metal 13
Milking the Goatmachine Germany Death Metal/Grindcore 10
Slaughterbox United States Technical Brutal Death Metal 9
Monument of Misanthropy Austria Brutal Death Metal 8
Fleshwrought United States Experimental Death Metal 7
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