Name Country Genre Score
Obscura Germany Progressive/Technical Death Metal 61
Beyond Creation Canada Progressive/Technical Death Metal 56
Anata Sweden Technical Death Metal 36
Neuraxis Canada Technical Death Metal 33
Decrepit Birth United States Technical Death Metal 23
The Faceless United States Technical Deathcore (early), Progressive/Technical Death Metal (later) 19
Cynic United States Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal/Fusion (1991-1993, 2008), Progressive Rock (later) 18
Gorod France Progressive/Technical Death Metal 16
Lykathea Aflame Czech Republic Progressive/Technical Brutal Death Metal 15
Gorguts Canada Technical/Avant-garde Death Metal 11
Aeon of Horus Australia Progressive/Technical Death Metal 11
Fleshgod Apocalypse Italy Symphonic/Technical Death Metal 10
Martyr Canada Technical Death Metal 10
Unexpect Canada Avant-garde/Progressive Metal 10
Inanimate Existence United States Technical Brutal Death Metal 8
Mithras United Kingdom Experimental Brutal Death Metal 8
Unhuman Canada Technical/Progressive Death Metal 6
Black Crown Initiate United States Progressive Death Metal 4
Embrional Poland Death Metal 4
Negativa Canada Experimental/Death Metal 3
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