Name Country Genre Score
Arghoslent United States Death Metal (early), Melodic Death/Thrash Metal (later) 59
Profanatica United States Black/Death Metal 21
Crucifier United States Death/Black Metal 21
Svolder Canada Black Metal 18
Absurd Germany Black Metal with RAC/Heavy Metal influences 16
Ares Kingdom United States Thrash/Death Metal 15
Mortuary Drape Italy Black/Death Metal 15
Demontage Canada Black/Heavy Metal 15
Varathron Greece Black Metal 12
Cultes des Ghoules Poland Black Metal 12
Spear of Longinus Australia Black/Thrash Metal 11
Havohej United States Black Metal, Experimental 10
Cauldron Black Ram Australia Black/Death Metal 10
Master's Hammer Czech Republic Black Metal, Experimental 9
Inquisition Colombia Thrash Metal (early), Black Metal (later) 8
Beherit Finland Black Metal (early, later), Dark Ambient (mid) 8
Der Stürmer Greece Black Metal 8
Demonic Christ United States Black/Death Metal (early), Black Metal (later) 8
Masochist United States Black Metal 7
Ceremony United States Black Metal 6
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