Name Country Genre Score
Atrox Norway Melodic Doom Metal (early), Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal (later) 20
The Third and the Mortal Norway Melodic Doom Metal (early), Experimental/Pop/Industrial (later) 18
Ava Inferi Portugal Gothic/Doom Metal 12
To-Mera United Kingdom Progressive Metal 11
Dominion United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal with Groove influences 7
Winds Norway Neoclassical Progressive Metal 5
In the Woods... Norway Black Metal (early), Avant-garde/Progressive Rock/Metal (later) 4
Arcturus Norway Atmospheric Black Metal (early), Avant-garde Progressive Metal (later) 3
Brave United States Progressive Rock/Metal 3
Left Hand Solution Sweden Doom Metal 3
The Provenance Sweden Progressive Death/Gothic/Doom Metal 3