Name Country Genre Score
Dimmu Borgir Norway Symphonic Black Metal 91
Hecate Enthroned United Kingdom Melodic Black/Death Metal 83
Anorexia Nervosa France Symphonic Black Metal 52
Theatres des Vampires Italy Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 46
閃靈 Taiwan Melodic Black/Death Metal with Eastern Folk Influences 42
Graveworm Italy Melodic Black/Gothic Metal 41
Black Countess Russia Black/Doom/Gothic Metal 35
Carach Angren Netherlands Symphonic Black Metal 26
Evil Lucifera Italy Symphonic Black Metal 24
Sarah Jezebel Deva United Kingdom Symphonic Gothic Metal 16
Tvangeste Russia Symphonic Orchestral Black Metal 14
Abigail Williams United States Melodic Black/Deathcore (early), Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal (later) 12
Ancient Norway Melodic Black Metal 12
Twilight Ophera Finland Melodic Black Metal 11
Illnath Denmark Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later) 10
Old Corpse Road United Kingdom Black/Folk Metal 10
Abyssos Sweden Melodic Black Metal 9
Anthelion Taiwan Symphonic Black Metal 9
Lamia Antitheus Sweden Symphonic Extreme Metal 9
The Bishop of Hexen Israel Symphonic Black Metal 8
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