Name Country Genre Score
Samael Switzerland Black Metal (early), Electronic/Industrial Metal (later) 26
The Kovenant Norway Electronic/Industrial Metal 24
Shade Empire Finland Melodic Industrial Death/Black Metal 21
Havoc Unit Finland Experimental Black/Death/Industrial Metal 16
Dødheimsgard Norway Black Metal (early), Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal (later) 12
Limbonic Art Norway Symphonic Black Metal 9
Thee Maldoror Kollective Italy Black Metal (early), Industrial/Avant-garde (later) 9
Enochian Crescent Finland Black Metal 8
Illidiance Russia Symphonic Black Metal (early), Electronic/Metal (later) 8
Trollheim's Grott Finland Black Metal (early), Industrial Black Metal (later) 7
Dimmu Borgir Norway Symphonic Black Metal 6
Aborym Italy Industrial Black Metal 6
Thy Serpent Finland Melodic Black Metal 5
Project Silence Finland Industrial Metal/Electronic 4
Kekal Indonesia Avant-garde/Experimental Extreme Metal 3
V:28 Norway Atmospheric Black/Death Metal with Electronic Influences 3