Name Country Genre Score
Motörhead United Kingdom Heavy Metal, Hard Rock 32
The Mentors United States Heavy/Thrash Metal/Punk 23
Cöuntess Mexico Black/Speed Metal 12
Girlschool United Kingdom Heavy Metal, NWOBHM 11
The Exploited United Kingdom Punk/Hardcore, Thrash Metal/Crossover (post-1987) 10
Sacrilege United Kingdom Crust Punk/Thrash Metal (early), Doom Metal (later) 10
Deathcharge Brazil Black/Speed Metal/Hardcore Punk 8
Discharge United Kingdom Hardcore Punk, Heavy/Thrash Metal 8
Détente United States Thrash/Speed Metal 7
Bitch United States Heavy Metal 7
Verbal Abuse United States Hardcore (early), Thrash Metal (later) 7
Thor Canada Heavy/Power Metal, Hard Rock 7
Blüdwülf United States Heavy Metal/Punk 6
G.I.S.M. Japan Hardcore Punk, Heavy Metal 6
Yellow Machinegun Japan Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore Punk 6
Brats Denmark Punk (1977-79), Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Punk (1980-81) 5
Extreme Noise Terror United Kingdom Crust/Grindcore (early), Hardcore Punk/Death Metal/Grindcore (later) 5
Children of Technology Italy Speed/Thrash Metal/Punk 5
Warfare United Kingdom Speed Metal/NWOBHM 5
Carnivore United States Speed/Thrash Metal/Crossover 4
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