Name Country Genre Score
Meshuggah Sweden Technical Groove/Thrash Metal (early), Djent (later) 73
Hacride France Progressive/Groove/Death Metal 43
Strapping Young Lad Canada Death/Thrash Metal with Industrial Influences 42
Mastodon United States Progressive/Sludge Metal (early), Progressive Metal/Rock (later) 40
Godzilla France Death Metal 39
Textures Netherlands Progressive Metalcore 22
Devin Townsend Project Canada Progressive Metal/Rock, Ambient 17
Trepalium France Groove/Death Metal 14
Devin Townsend Canada Progressive Metal, Ambient 14
Fear Factory United States Industrial/Death Metal (early), Groove/Industrial Metal (later) 10
Dagoba France Groove/Industrial Metal 10
Nero di Marte Italy Progressive Metal 9
Yyrkoon France Death/Thrash Metal 9
Klone France Progressive Groove Metal (early), Progressive Metal (now) 7
Mirrors of Obsidian Ireland Progressive/Groove Metal 7
Eye of I United States Death/Thrash Metal 6
Decapitated Poland Technical Death Metal 5
Xerath United Kingdom Orchestral/Progressive/Groove Metal 5
Crushing Sun Portugal Sludge Metal 5
Soulfly Brazil Nu-Metal with tribal influences (early), Groove/Thrash/Death Metal (later) 4
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