Name Country Genre Score
Goatwhore United States Black/Death/Thrash Metal 84
Toxic Holocaust United States Speed/Thrash/Black Metal 70
Battlecross United States Melodic Thrash/Death Metal 28
Absu United States Death Metal (early), Black/Thrash Metal (later) 25
The Black Dahlia Murder United States Melodic Death Metal 22
Witchery Sweden Blackened Thrash/Speed Metal 21
3 Inches of Blood Canada Power/Heavy Metal 20
Revocation United States Technical Death/Thrash Metal 20
Exmortus United States Technical Melodic Thrash/Death Metal 19
Witchaven United States Black/Thrash Metal 15
Legion of the Damned Netherlands Death/Thrash Metal 15
Aura Noir Norway Black/Thrash Metal 14
Enfold Darkness United States Black/Death Metal 14
Black Fast United States Progressive Thrash Metal 14
Arsis United States Technical Melodic Death Metal 13
Havok United States Thrash Metal 13
Kreator Germany Thrash Metal 12
Lost Society Finland Thrash Metal 9
Achren United Kingdom Black/Thrash Metal 8
Desaster Germany Black/Thrash Metal 7
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