Name Country Genre Score
Sonata Arctica Finland Power Metal 51
Stratovarius Finland Melodic Power Metal 45
Dark Moor Spain Power Metal 38
Conception Norway Progressive/Power Metal 34
Symphony X United States Progressive Power Metal 33
Avantasia Germany Symphonic Power Metal 30
Angra Brazil Power/Progressive Metal 29
Serenity Austria Symphonic/Progressive Power Metal 24
Epica Netherlands Symphonic/Power Metal 19
Sons of Seasons Germany Progressive Symphonic Metal 19
Crimson Glory United States Progressive Heavy/Power Metal 17
Lab├┐rinth Italy Progressive Power Metal 16
Evergrey Sweden Progressive/Power Metal 14
Nightwish Finland Symphonic Power Metal 14
Shadow Gallery United States Progressive Metal 13
Damnation Angels United Kingdom Symphonic Power Metal 13
Pagan's Mind Norway Progressive/Power Metal 12
Ark Norway Progressive Metal 12
Seventh Wonder Sweden Progressive Metal 12
Myrath Tunisia Progressive Metal with Middle Eastern Folk Influences 11
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