Name Country Genre Score
Tristania Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 66
The Sins of Thy Beloved Norway Symphonic Gothic/Doom Metal 48
Draconian Sweden Gothic/Doom Metal 41
Leaves' Eyes International Symphonic Metal 29
The Gathering Netherlands Death/Doom Metal (early), Atmospheric Doom Metal (mid), Atmospheric Rock (later) 26
The Third and the Mortal Norway Melodic Doom Metal (early), Experimental/Pop/Industrial (later) 24
Liv Kristine Germany Folk/Gothic, Gothic Rock 18
Sirenia Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 16
Macbeth Italy Black/Gothic Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 16
Paradise Lost United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Rock/Metal (later) 15
Novembers Doom United States Death/Doom Metal 12
Trail of Tears Norway Gothic Metal (early), Symphonic Gothic/Black Metal (later) 11
Ava Inferi Portugal Gothic/Doom Metal 11
Anathema United Kingdom Doom/Death Metal (early), Progressive/Alternative Rock (later) 9
Lacuna Coil Italy Gothic Metal/Rock (early), Alternative Rock (later) 9
Within Temptation Netherlands Symphonic Metal (early), Symphonic/Alternative Rock (later) 9
Nox Aurea Sweden Melodic Doom/Death Metal 9
Flowing Tears Germany Gothic Metal 9
Lacrimas Profundere Germany Melodic Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal/Rock (later) 9
Tiamat Sweden Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal/Rock (later) 9
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