Name Country Genre Score
D.R.I. United States Hardcore Punk, Thrash Metal/Crossover 39
Discharge United Kingdom Hardcore Punk, Heavy/Thrash Metal 31
The Exploited United Kingdom Punk/Hardcore, Thrash Metal/Crossover (post-1987) 30
Sepultura Brazil Death/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal, Nu-Metal (later) 27
Stormtroopers of Death United States Hardcore/Crossover/Thrash Metal 21
Brujeria Mexico Death Metal/Grindcore 20
D.F.C. Brazil Crossover Thrash/Hardcore 20
Suicidal Tendencies United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 18
Cryptic Slaughter United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 18
Extreme Noise Terror United Kingdom Crust/Grindcore (early), Hardcore Punk/Death Metal/Grindcore (later) 18
Terrordome Poland Thrash Metal/Crossover 18
Napalm Death United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Grindcore/Death Metal (later) 16
Nuclear Assault United States Thrash Metal 15
Dorsal Atlântica Brazil Speed Metal, Thrash Metal, Hardcore/Crossover 14
Dead Horse United States Death/Thrash Metal, Crossover 13
Cro-Mags United States Thrash Metal/Crossover/Hardcore Punk 13
Verbal Abuse United States Hardcore (early), Crossover/Thrash Metal (later) 13
Municipal Waste United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 12
Attitude Adjustment United States Thrash Metal/Crossover 12
Onslaught United Kingdom Hardcore Punk (early), Thrash Metal (later) 10
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