Name Country Genre Score
Star One Netherlands Progressive Metal/Rock 59
Dream Theater United States Progressive Metal 31
Guilt Machine Netherlands Progressive Rock/Metal 27
Ambeon Netherlands Ambient/Progressive Rock 26
Arjen Anthony Lucassen Netherlands Progressive Rock 24
Avantasia Germany Symphonic Power Metal 15
Trans-Siberian Orchestra United States Orchestral/Progressive Rock/Metal 15
Stream of Passion Netherlands Progressive/Symphonic Gothic Metal 13
The Gentle Storm Netherlands Symphonic/Progressive Rock/Metal 9
Symphony X United States Progressive Power Metal 8
Kalisia France Progressive Death Metal 7
Frameshift United States Progressive Rock/Metal 7
Heart of Cygnus United States Progressive Metal/Rock 6
JT Bruce United States Progressive Rock/Metal 6
Korsair Sweden Progressive Metal 6
The Siege Austria Progressive Metal/Rock 6
Timesailor Turkey Progressive Metal/Rock 6
Haken United Kingdom Progressive Metal 5
Abodean Skye United Kingdom Progressive/Power Metal 5
Brandon Mohlis United States Progressive Metal/Rock 5
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