Name Country Genre Score
Dissection Sweden Melodic Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal 144
Unanimated Sweden Melodic Death/Black Metal 45
Sacramentum Sweden Melodic Black/Death Metal 41
Bane Serbia Melodic Black/Death Metal 34
Vinterland Sweden Melodic Black Metal 29
Eternium United States Symphonic Black/Death Metal 23
Naglfar Sweden Melodic Black Metal 21
Black Horizons Germany Melodic Black/Death Metal 18
Dawn Sweden Death Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later) 17
Gates of Ishtar Sweden Melodic Death Metal 14
Lord Belial Sweden Black Metal 13
Hoth United States Melodic Death/Black Metal 13
Necrophobic Sweden Death/Black Metal 12
A Canorous Quintet Sweden Melodic Death Metal 11
Watain Sweden Black Metal 10
December Flower Germany Melodic Black/Death Metal 10
Istapp Sweden Melodic Black Metal 7
Stortregn Switzerland Black/Death Metal 7
Trident Sweden Death/Black Metal 7
King of Asgard Sweden Melodic Death/Viking Metal 5
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