Name Country Genre Score
Ea United States Funeral Doom Metal 29
Colosseum Finland Funeral Doom Metal 23
Doom:VS Sweden Funeral Doom/Death Metal 20
Skepticism Finland Funeral Doom Metal 19
Remembrance France Funeral Doom/Death Metal 18
Dreams After Death Hungary Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal 17
Funeral Norway Funeral Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 14
1000 Funerals Iran Funeral Doom/Death Metal/Ambient 14
Ahab Germany Funeral Doom Metal 13
Pantheist Belgium Funeral Doom Metal (early), Progressive Doom Metal (later) 12
Depressed Mode Finland Funeral Doom/Death (early), Symphonic/Death Metal (later) 10
Ablaze in Hatred Finland Melodic Death/Doom Metal 9
Longing for Dawn Canada Funeral Doom Metal 9
Shattered Hope Greece Funeral Doom/Death Metal 9
Lethian Dreams France Atmospheric Doom Metal 8
Consummatum Est Italy Gothic/Funeral Doom Metal 8
Tempestuous Fall Australia Funeral Doom/Death Metal 8
Swallow the Sun Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 7
Forest of Shadows Sweden Melodic Doom/Death Metal 7
Saturnus Denmark Melodic Death/Doom Metal 6
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