Name Country Genre Score
Satan United Kingdom NWOBHM, Heavy Metal 14
Metal Church United States Heavy/Power/Thrash Metal 13
Sadus United States Death/Thrash Metal (early), Technical Thrash Metal (later) 11
Hellwitch United States Technical Death/Thrash Metal 7
Disciples of Power Canada Thrash/Death Metal 6
Razorwyre New Zealand Heavy/Speed/Power Metal 6
The Ravenous United States Death Metal 5
Demolition Hammer United States Thrash Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 5
Аспид Russia Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal 5
Chemical Breath Belgium Technical Death/Thrash Metal 4
Dio United States Heavy Metal 3
Suffer Sweden Death Metal 3
Infected Switzerland Death/Thrash Metal 3
Ripped United States Progressive Death/Thrash Metal 3