Name Country Genre Score
Voivod Canada Thrash Metal (1982-87), Progressive Metal (1988-) 86
Vektor United States Progressive Thrash Metal 83
Watchtower United States Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal 65
Mekong Delta Germany Progressive Thrash Metal 55
Annihilator Canada Technical Speed/Thrash Metal (early), Groove/Thrash Metal (later) 50
Deathrow Germany Thrash Metal 47
Toxik United States Technical Speed/Thrash Metal 45
Аспид Russia Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal 45
Celtic Frost Switzerland Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 43
Anacrusis United States Thrash Metal (1986-1990), Progressive Metal (1991-1993) 42
Sadus United States Death/Thrash Metal (early), Technical Thrash Metal (later) 39
Destruction Germany Thrash Metal 36
Kreator Germany Thrash Metal 35
Dark Angel United States Thrash Metal 34
Obliveon Canada Technical Death/Thrash Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 32
Blind Illusion United States Heavy Metal (early), Progressive Thrash Metal (later) 30
Atheist United States Death/Thrash Metal with Jazz and Progressive Influences 27
Artillery Denmark Thrash Metal 23
Believer United States Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal 22
Sabbat United Kingdom Thrash Metal 18
Megadeth United States Speed/Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal/Rock (1990s) 16
Heathen United States Technical Speed/Thrash Metal 16
Death Angel United States Thrash Metal 13
Aftermath United States Technical Progressive Thrash Metal 12
Slayer United States Thrash Metal 11
Lob of Lemmings Denmark Progressive Thrash Metal 10
Xentrix United Kingdom Thrash Metal 9
Razor Canada Speed/Thrash Metal 9
Prong United States Crossover/Thrash Metal (early), Post-Thrash/Industrial Metal (later) 9
Testament United States Thrash Metal 9
Vendetta Germany Thrash Metal 9
Depressive Age Germany Technical Thrash Metal 9
Wolf Spider Poland Technical Thrash Metal 9
Helstar United States Power/Speed Metal 8
Overkill United States Thrash Metal, Groove Metal 8
Defiance United States Thrash Metal 8
Holy Terror United States Thrash/Speed Metal 8
Seelenwinter Germany Thrash Metal 8
Deathstorm Austria Thrash Metal 8
Incarnator Russia Technical/Progressive Death Metal 7
Cynic United States Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal/Fusion (1991-1993, 2008), Progressive Rock (later) 7
Holy Moses Germany Speed/Thrash Metal 7
Hexen United States Melodic Thrash Metal with Progressive Influences 7
Teleport Slovenia Thrash Metal 7
Cyberhed Germany Thrash Metal 7
Verwaint Switzerland Thrash Metal 7
Subcutane Germany Power/Thrash Metal 7
Ulysses Siren United States Thrash/Speed Metal 6
Astharoth Poland Technical Thrash Metal 6
Alexander Palitsin Russia Progressive Thrash Metal 5
Torture Squad Brazil Thrash/Death Metal 5
Abstract Brazil Technical Thrash Metal 5
Num Skull United States Death/Thrash Metal 5
DBC Canada Thrash/Speed Metal 5
Invocator Denmark Technical Thrash Metal 5
Mortal Sin Australia Thrash Metal 5
Vio-lence United States Thrash Metal 5
Vomitose Switzerland Industrial/Progressive Thrash Metal 5
Pestilence Netherlands Thrash Metal (1986-1988), Death Metal (1989-1991, 2008-), Progressive/Jazz Fusion (1993) 4
Hellhammer Switzerland Speed/Thrash/Black Metal 4
Sodom Germany Black/Speed Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later) 4
Disciples of Power Canada Thrash/Death Metal 4
Mefisto Sweden Speed/Black Metal 4
Sanity Obscure Singapore Technical Thrash Metal 4
Stone Finland Speed/Thrash Metal 4
Aggression Spain Thrash Metal (early), Technical Thrash Metal (later) 4
Blood Exile Mexico Thrash Metal 4
Entropy Canada Technical Thrash Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 4
Hellwitch United States Technical Death/Thrash Metal 4
Possessed United States Death/Thrash Metal 4
Target Belgium Speed/Thrash Metal 4
Vicious Rumors United States Heavy/Power Metal, Groove Metal 4
Unleashed Power United States Progressive Thrash/Power Metal 4
Megace Germany Thrash Metal, Speed Metal 3
Messiah Switzerland Death/Thrash Metal 3
Poltergeist Switzerland Thrash Metal 3
Ravenous Austria Thrash Metal 3
Violent Dirge Poland Technical Death Metal 3
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