Name Country Genre Score
Mercyful Fate Denmark Heavy Metal 56
King Diamond Denmark Heavy Metal 38
Black Hole Italy Doom Metal with Progressive Rock influences 36
Paul Chain Violet Theatre Italy Doom Metal 32
Bulldozer Italy Black/Speed/Thrash Metal, Techno (mid) 22
Paul Chain Italy Doom Metal, Space/Psychedelic Rock/Experimental 21
Ripper United States Heavy Metal 18
Violet Magick Mexico Heavy/Doom Metal 16
Venom United Kingdom NWOBHM/Black/Speed Metal 15
Kat Poland Heavy/Speed/Black Metal (early), Thrash Metal (later) 13
Steve Sylvester Italy 70's Rock with Doom Metal elements 13
Sancta Sanctorum Italy Doom Metal 10
Abysmal Grief Italy Doom Metal 10
Deliverance United Kingdom Heavy/Speed Metal 10
Pegazus Australia Heavy/Power Metal 6
Denial of God Denmark Black Metal 6
Deliria Italy Doom Metal 6
Requiem Italy Heavy/Doom Metal 6
Run After To Italy Doom/Heavy Metal 6
Lordi Finland Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 5
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