Name Country Genre Score
Blood Ceremony Canada Psychedelic Doom Metal/Rock 79
Totem United States Psychedelic Rock, Doom Metal 35
Mansion Finland Heavy/Doom Metal/Rock 22
Witchcraft Sweden Doom Metal/Psychedelic Hard Rock 20
Avatarium Sweden Doom Metal 20
Black Math Horseman United States Psychedelic Post-Metal 17
Mount Salem United States Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal 16
Hands of Orlac Italy Doom Metal 16
Seremonia Finland Psychedelic Rock/Doom Metal 12
Black Moth United Kingdom Doom/Stoner Metal/Rock 8
SubRosa United States Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal 7
Rose Kemp United Kingdom Folk/Acoustic (early), Folk/Doom/Psychedelic Rock (mid), Drone/Doom Metal (later) 7
Shinin' Shade Italy Psychedelic Doom Metal 7
Heavy Temple United States Psychedelic Doom Metal 6
Venus Victrix United States Psychedelic Heavy/Doom Metal/Rock 5
Lucifer Germany Stoner/Doom Metal 4
Asphodel Greece Doom/Death Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 3
Pyre of the Earth United Kingdom Psychedelic Doom Metal 3