Name Country Genre Score
Amon Amarth Sweden Melodic Death Metal 86
Arch Enemy Sweden Melodic Death Metal 52
Cannibal Corpse United States Death Metal 27
The Black Dahlia Murder United States Melodic Death Metal 23
Dååth United States Industrial/Melodic Death/Groove Metal 19
Cannabis Corpse United States Death Metal 18
Austrian Death Machine United States Thrash Metal/Crossover/Metalcore 17
DevilDriver United States Nu-Metal (early), Groove/Melodic Death Metal (later) 16
In Flames Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Groove Metal/Alternative Rock (later) 15
Kalmah Finland Melodic Death Metal 15
At the Gates Sweden Melodic Death Metal 15
Children of Bodom Finland Melodic Death/Power Metal 14
Brendon Small United States Progressive Metal/Rock 14
Strapping Young Lad Canada Death/Thrash Metal with Industrial Influences 13
Paths of Possession United States Melodic Death Metal 12
Nekrogoblikon United States Melodic Death/Folk Metal 12
Dark Tranquillity Sweden Melodic Death Metal 11
Devin Townsend Canada Progressive Metal, Ambient 11
Detroit Metal City Japan Thrash/Groove Metal 10
Hoth United States Melodic Death/Black Metal 8
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