Name Country Genre Score
Septicflesh Greece Atmospheric/Symphonic Death Metal 35
Rotting Christ Greece Grindcore, Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (mid), Extreme Metal (later) 31
Moonspell Portugal Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later) 20
Tiamat Sweden Death/Doom Metal (early), Gothic Metal/Rock (later) 13
The Elysian Fields Greece Melodic Death/Black Metal 11
Opera IX Italy Gothic/Doom/Death Metal (early), Melodic Black Metal (later) 10
Samael Switzerland Black Metal (early), Electronic/Industrial Metal (later) 10
Sinoath Italy Black/Death Metal 7
Necromantia Greece Black Metal 5
Daylight Misery Greece Doom/Death/Gothic Metal 5
Horrified Greece Atmospheric Death Metal 5
Varathron Greece Black Metal 5
Vanity Greece Dark Melodic Death Metal 4
Necromass Italy Black Metal 3
The Slayerking Greece Gothic/Doom Metal 3