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Zack Ohren

Zack Ohren

Real/full name:
Zack Ohren
Place of origin:
United States


Runs Castle Ultimate Productions in Oakland, California.

Midnight Chaser

Bass (?-2012), Guitars (2012-present)

2014 Lion's Choice Guitars (lead)

Molotov Solution

2008 Molotov Solution Guitars (additional) (on track 11)

Saving Grace

2014 The Urgency Guitars (additional)

A Breath Before Surfacing

2008 Death Is Swallowed in Victory Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

All Shall Perish

2003 Hate . Malice . Revenge Producer, Engineering, Mastering, Mixing
2006 The Price of Existence Engineering
2008 Awaken the Dreamers Producer
2011 This Is Where It Ends Producer


2014 Immortal Engineering (drums), Mastering, Mixing


2009 Alpha and Omega (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2003 Shut It Down Engineering, Recording (as "Zach Ohren")
2005 Empires Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2005 Rebirth Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Recording (as "Zach Ohren")
2007 End of the Circle (Single) Recording
2009 Days of Night Mixing, Recording, Mastering


2012 Metamorphignition Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2015 Lucid Dawn Engineering, Mastering, Mixing

As Blood Runs Black

2006 Allegiance Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Instinct Mixing, Mastering

Brain Drill

2008 Apocalyptic Feasting Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Quantum Catastrophe Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Producer, Recording
2016 Boundless Obscenity Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Burning the Masses

2007 Volatile Existence (EP) Mixing, Mastering


2010 Hell Chose Me Engineering, Producer, Mixing

Cattle Decapitation

2009 The Harvest Floor Engineering (drums)


2007 Dispute the Truth Producer

Colonize the Rotting

2010 Composting the Masticated Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Producer

Conducting from the Grave

2009 When Legends Become Dust Producer
2010 Revenants Producer
2013 Conducting from the Grave Mixing, Engineering, Mastering


2015 The Hypothesis Mastering, Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Recording


2012 Litanies of Lust Unholy Engineering, Recording

Decrepit Birth

2008 Diminishing Between Worlds Recording (drums), Mixing, Mastering
2010 Polarity Mixing, Drum tracking

Deeds of Flesh

2013 Portals to Canaan Mixing, Mastering

Destroying the Devoid

2016 Paramnesia Mastering, Mixing


2016 Stars Misaligned (EP) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Engineering


2003 Robes (EP) Recording, Mixing


2014 Slave to the Sword Mastering, Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2016 Ride Forth Procucer, Mixing, Mastering


2013 -Nomadic- (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2014 The Flesh Prevails Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2016 Dreamless Recording (bass, guitars, vocals)


2008 Vultures Producer, Mixing, Mastering

First Fragment

2016 Dasein Recording (drums)

Flesh Consumed

2008 ...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate... Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2009 New Order of Intelligence (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2010 Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Recording

Glacier Eater

2015 Glacier Eater Recording


2014 Living Our Darkest Days Mixing, Mastering

Held in Scorn

2003 Held in Scorn / Setrip (Split) Engineering
2012 Held in Scorn Mastering, Mixing


2010 Majesty and Decay Mixing, Mastering
2011 Providence (EP) Mastering, Mixing
2013 Kingdom of Conspiracy Mixing, Mastering
2017 Atonement Mixing, Mastering

In Memoriam

2002 In Memoriam (Demo) Mastering, Mixing, Recording

Inanimate Existence

2012 Liberation Through Hearing Producer
2014 A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement Producer
2016 Calling from a Dream Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2009 The End of an Era Mixing, Mastering

Jeff Hughell

2013 Chaos Labyrinth Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Light This City

2003 The Hero Cycle Recording, Mixing, Producer
2005 Remains of the Gods Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2006 Facing the Thousand Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Stormchaser Engineering, Mastering, Producer


2014 Sun Eater Mastering

Midnight Chaser

2011 Rough and Tough Producer, Engineering

Molotov Solution

2008 Molotov Solution Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2011 Stench Mixing, Engineering (guitars, drums)


2011 Demenphobia Mixing


2013 Called to Rise Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Odious Mortem

2007 Cryptic Implosion Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2014 Deathscapes of the Subconscious Producer
2016 Dominion of Misery Recording, Mastering, Producer, Mixing

Ophidian I

2014 Whence They Came (Single) Mixing, Mastering


2013 New Order of the Ages Engineering, Mixing, Producer

Resist the Thought

2010 Damnation Mixing, Mastering


2014 The Seeds Within Mastering, Mixing

Return from Exile

2009 Return from Exile Mastering, Producer, Mixing, Engineering


2015 ...of the Dead Mastering

Saving Grace

2014 The Urgency Producer, Engineering

Severed Savior

2008 Servile Insurrection Engineering (drums and vocals), Mastering, Mixing, Producer, Recording (drums and vocals)

Six Feet Under

2013 Unborn Engineering (bass)

Son of Aurelius

2010 The Farthest Reaches Producer, Mixing
2014 Under a Western Sun Recording, Mastering, Mixing


2016 Night Hides the World Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering


2009 Blood Oath Mixing


2004 Oakland Producer (as "Zach Ohren")
2011 Return to Despair Mixing, Mastering


2012 Love God Producer, Recording

The Zenith Passage

2016 Solipsist Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2009 Viraemia (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


2009 Waking into Nightmares Mixing, Mastering


2016 Funeral Winds Mastering, Mixing, Engineering

With Dead Hands Rising

2008 Expect Hell Mixing, Mastering

With Passion

2005 In the Midst of Bloodied Soil Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2013 Revelation Engineering, Mixing
2015 Wrvth Mixing, Mastering.
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