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Tobias Sammet

Tobias Sammet

Real/full name:
Tobias Sammet
36 (born Nov 21st, 1977)
Place of origin:
Germany (Fulda)


Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration (2000-2002), Vocals (2000-present), Bass (2006-present)

2000 Avantasia (Single) Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration
2001 The Metal Opera Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration
2002 The Metal Opera Pt. II Vocals (1-10), Keyboards (1-10), Orchestration (1-10), Bass (10)
2007 Lost in Space (Single) Bass, Vocals
2007 Lost in Space (Part 2) (EP) Vocals, Bass
2007 Lost in Space (Part 1) (EP) Vocals, Bass
2008 Carry Me Over (Single) Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration, Vocals, Bass
2008 The Scarecrow Vocals, Bass, Keyboards on track 3
2010 Dying for an Angel (Single) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Orchestration
2010 Angel of Babylon Vocals, Bass, Keyboards (on tracks 2, 3, 8, 9)
2010 The Wicked Symphony Organ (on track 8), Keyboards (on track 10), Vocals, Bass
2011 The Flying Opera - Around the World in 20 Days - Live (Video) Vocals
2011 The Flying Opera - Around the World in 20 Days - Live (Live album) Vocals
2013 Sleepwalking (Single) Bass, Vocals
2013 The Mystery of Time Vocals, Bass
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Vocals, Keyboards (1992-present), Bass (1993-1997)

1994 Evil Minded (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1994 Children of Steel (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
1995 Savage Poetry Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1997 Kingdom of Madness Vocals, Bass, Piano, Keyboards
1998 Vain Glory Opera Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
1999 On Tour (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass (Tracks 4, 5)
1999 Theater of Salvation Keyboards, Vocals
2000 The Savage Poetry Keyboards, Vocals
2001 La Marche des Gendarmes (Single) Vocals (as "Tobias "Cruchot" Sammet")
2001 Painting on the Wall (Single) Vocals
2001 Mandrake Vocals, Keyboards, Organ
2003 Burning Down the Opera (Live album) Vocals
2004 King of Fools (EP) Vocals, Keyboards
2004 Hellfire Club Keyboards, Vocals
2004 Lavatory Love Machine (Single) Vocals
2005 Superheroes (EP) Vocals
2005 Superheroes (Video) Vocals
2006 Rocket Ride Vocals
2008 Tinnitus Sanctus Vocals
2008 Nuclear Blast Proudly Presents: Edguy (EP) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2009 Fucking with F*** - Live (Video) Vocals
2009 Fucking with F*** - Live (Live album) Vocals
2011 Robin Hood (Single) Vocals
2011 Age of the Joker Vocals
2014 Love Tyger (Single) Vocals
2014 Space Police - Defenders of the Crown Vocals, Keyboards
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2003 Days of Rising Doom Vocals (Narrator)


2008 Elected (EP) Vocals on 1


2006 The Legend and the Truth Vocals ("March To Destiny" & "Echoes Of Eternity")

Final Chapter

2004 The WizardQueen Vocals (lead) - The Guardian

Freedom Call

2002 Eternity Vocals (choirs)

Nuclear Blast Allstars

2007 Into the Light Vocals (track 1)


2006 Rage of Fire Vocals (on "The Fortune")

Revolution Renaissance

2008 New Era Vocals (on tracks 1, 6)
2010 EP (EP) Vocals (1, 5)

Rob Rock

2005 Holy Hell Vocals (additional) ("Move On")


2002 Ritual Vocals (second) on "Pride"
2003 Ritualive (Live album) Vocals
2003 Ritualive (Video) Vocals (on "Sign of the Cross" & "Pride")


1999 The Prophecy Vocals (additional) (2), Vocals (backing) (1, 2, 11)


2003 Angel (Single) Vocals (track 2)


2000 Avantasia (Single) Producer
2001 The Metal Opera Producer
2002 The Metal Opera Pt. II Producer
2007 Lost in Space (Part 2) (EP) Producer
2007 Lost in Space (Part 1) (EP) Producer
2008 Lost in Space (Part 1 & 2) (Compilation) Producer
2008 The Scarecrow Producer
2010 The Wicked Symphony Producer
2010 Angel of Babylon Producer
2013 The Mystery of Time Producer


2002 Sign of Truth Producer


1998 Vain Glory Opera Lyrics
2000 The Savage Poetry Lyrics (as "Sammet")
2001 Painting on the Wall (Single) Lyrics (as "Sammet")
2001 Mandrake Lyrics
2006 Rocket Ride Lyrics
2011 Age of the Joker Lyrics
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