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Real/full name:
34 (born Apr 10th, 1981)
Place of origin:
Japan (Kyoto)


Used to be a graphic design artist at Sherow Artist Society as wait A minutes.


Teru also released an instrumental song for digital download only: 「For You」, dedicated in memory of Jasmine You.


Guitars (2013-present)

2013 Blessing of the Future (Single) Guitars
2013 Classical Element Guitars
2014 Last Moment (Single) Guitars
2014 Arcadia (Single) Guitars
2014 氷の中の少女 (Single) Guitars
2015 The History of Genesis Guitars


Guitars (2007-2012)

2007 The Revenant Choir (Single) Guitars
2007 The Revenant Choir (Video) Guitars
2007 Lyrical Sympathy (EP) Guitars
2007 Aesthetic Violence (Video) Guitars
2007 裏貴族 (Video) Guitars
2008 A Noble Was Born in Chaos (Single) Guitars
2008 Noble Guitars
2008 Art of "Propaganda" (Split) Guitars
2008 Prince (Single) Guitars
2008 Noble Guitars
2008 Prince & Princess (Single) Guitars
2009 革命のアンソロジー (Video) Guitars
2009 Chateau de Versailles (Video) Guitars
2009 History of the Other Side (Video) Guitars
2009 Ascendead Master (Single) Guitars
2010 Jubilee Guitars (electric, acoustic)
2010 Lyrical Sympathy -Live- (Live album) Guitars
2010 Noble -Live- (Live album) Guitars
2010 Destiny -The Lovers- (Single) Guitars
2011 Philia (Single) Guitars
2011 Holy Grail Guitars
2011 Chateau de Versailles -Jubilee- (Video) Guitars
2012 Rhapsody of the Darkness (Single) Guitars
2012 Rose (Single) Guitars
2012 Versailles Guitars
2012 Chateau de Versailles -Holy Grail- (Video) Guitars
2013 Chateau de Versailles -Final- (Video) Guitars
2015 20th Anniversary All Time Best ~革命の系譜~ (Split) Guitars (tracks 3-8)
(show all)

Hizaki Grace Project


2007 Dignity of Crest Guitars
2007 紋章 (Video) Guitars
2007 Ruined Kingdom (EP) Guitars (tracks 4-10)

Node of Scherzo

Guitars (2007)


Guitars (2015-present)

Hizaki Grace Project

2007 Ruined Kingdom (EP) Design (as "wait・A・minute")


2015 Venom Design


2007 Lyrical Sympathy (EP) Art direction (as "wait A minutes")
2008 Noble Art direction (as "wait A minutes")
2010 Lyrical Sympathy -Live- (Live album) Design (as "wait·a·minutes")
2010 Noble -Live- (Live album) Design (as "wait·a·minutes")
2011 Holy Grail Design
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