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Stephen O'Malley

Stephen O'Malley

Real/full name:
Stephen O'Malley
40 (born Jul 15th, 1974)
Place of origin:
United States (Seattle, Washington)


Stephen O'Malley is also a graphic artist most notable for doing artwork and layouts for Sunn O))), Boris, Khanate, Scum and various posters and advertisements for bands and book releases.

He was the editor of the 'zine Descent, and contributed to Metalion's Slayer Mag.


Guitars, Electronics (2013-present)

2013 Through a Pre-Memory Guitars, Electronics

Ensemble Pearl


Fungal Hex

All instruments

2001 Fungal Hex All instruments


Guitars, Bass

2004 1000% Downer (EP) Guitars, Bass
2004 Return to Nothing Guitars, Bass
2005 Remeindre Tambura, Organ [Farfisa], Guitars (acoustic), Synthesizer [Juno-106]
2006 Crashed like Wretched Moth (EP) Piano

Grave Temple


2007 The Holy Down Guitars
2008 Ambient / Ruin (Demo) Guitars
2009 Le Vampire de Paris (Live album) Guitars


Guitars, Effects

2006 KTL Strings, effects, electronics
2007 2 Strings, Effects
2007 3 (EP) Guitars, Effects
2007 Eine eiserne Faust in einem Samthandschuh (Demo) Guitars, Effects
2007 Live In Krems (Live album) Guitars
2008 KTL IV Paris Demos (Demo) Guitars
2008 The Phantom Carriage: KTL Edition (Video) Unknown
2008 Ikki (Live album) Guitars, Effects
2009 IV Guitars
2012 V Guitars, Bass, Electronics



2007 Magistral Guitars





2008 0))) Presents... (Live album) Guitars (as "SOMA")

Sunn O)))

Bass, Guitars (1998-present)

1999 The Grimmrobe Demos (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2000 ØØ Void Guitars, Bass
2002 Flight of the Behemoth Guitars, Synthesizer, Vocals (as "MK Ultra Blizzard")
2003 White1 Guitars, Bass
2003 Veils It White (EP) Guitars, Bass
2004 Live White (Live album) Guitars, Bass
2004 LXNDXN Subcamden Underworld Hallo'Ween 2003 (Live album) Guitars, Bass
2004 The Horn and the Spear (EMS Remix) (Single) Bass, Guitars
2004 White2 Guitars, Bass
2004 Cro-Monolithic Remixes for an Iron Age (EP) Guitars, Bass
2005 Candlewolf of the Golden Chalice (EP) Harmonium, Guitars (as "Feedbacker")
2005 Black One Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Horn, Woodwind (as "MK Ultra Blizzard")
2006 Touch Radio 14 (Single) Bass, Guitars
2006 Angel Coma (Split) Guitars, Bass
2006 La Mort Noir dans Esch / Alzette (Live album) Bass, Guitars
2006 Altar Guitars, Bass, Piano, Synthesizers
2007 Oracle Guitars, Bass
2008 Dømkirke (Live album) Guitars, Bass
2009 Monoliths & Dimensions Electric guitar, Acoustic arrangements
2009 Che (Split) Guitars, Bass
2009 Live at Primavera Sound Festival 2009 on WFMU (Live album) Guitars
2009 (初心) Grimmrobes Live 101008 (Live album) Bass, Guitars
2011 Sunn O))) Meets Nurse with Wound - The Iron Soul of Nothing Bass, Guitars
2011 Agharti Live 09-10 (Live album) Guitars, Bass
2012 Rehearsal Demo Nov 11 2011 (Demo) Bass, Guitars
2014 LA Reh 012 (Demo) Bass, Guitars
2014 Terrestrials Bass, Guitars
2014 Soused Bass, Guitars
(show all)

Thorr's Hammer


1995 Sannhet i blodet (Demo) Vocals (backing), Guitars
1996 Dommedagsnatt (EP) Guitars


2014 Terrestrials Guitars



2006 Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light Guitars, Electronics
2008 Betimes Black Cloudmasses Guitars
2009 Faking Gold and Murder Guitars
2011 En form for blå Guitars

Burning Witch


1996 Demo 96 (Demo) Guitars
1998 Towers... (EP) Guitars
1998 Rift.Canyon.Dreams (EP) Guitars
1998 Crippled Lucifer Guitars
2000 Goatsnake / Burning Witch (Split) Guitars
2004 Caprichos 1-80 / Rift Canyon Dreams (Split) Guitars

House of Low Culture

Electronics, Guitars

2002 Gettin' Sentimental Guitars
2004 Live from the House of Low Temperature! (Live album) Guitars
2007 Chinatown Squalls Guitars
2007 Hollywood Squalls Guitars



2001 Khanate Guitars
2002 WFMU 91.1 (Live album) Guitars
2003 No Joy (Remix) / Dead (EP) Guitars
2003 Things Viral Guitars
2004 Live Aktion Sampler 2004 (Live album) Guitars
2004 KHNT vs. Stockholm (Live album) Guitars
2004 Let Loose the Lambs Tour DVD (Video) Guitars
2005 Capture & Release (EP) Guitars
2005 Dead & Live Aktions (Video) Guitars
2005 It's Cold When Birds Fall from the Sky (Live album) Guitars
2009 Clean Hands Go Foul Guitars
(show all)

Lotus Eaters


2001 Alienist on a Pale Horse (EP) Samples
2001 Four Demonstrations (Demo) Samples
2002 Lotus Eaters (EP) Samples
2002 Mind Control for Infants Samples
2007 Wurmwulv Samples



A Storm of Light

2011 Latitudes Session (EP) Latitudes Template Artwork


2013 Through a Pre-Memory Producer, Art Direction


2008 Ample Fire Within Artwork, Layout Design, Photography

Beta Popes

2008 Live Hate (Live album) Artwork


1996 Absolutego Artwork (Re-issues)
1998 Amplifier Worship Artwork (Re-issues)
2005 Dronevil Artwork (2LP limited)
2005 Boris with Merzbow - Sun Baked Snow Cave Artwork
2008 Smile (American Version) Design
2010 BXI (EP) Artwork, Design


1998 1992-1997 (Boxed set) Artwork
1999 Hliðskjálf Design, Additional art


2001 Endtyme Artwork
2002 The VIIth Coming Design


1996 Sorgh på svarte vingar fløgh (EP) Layout, Design


2007 Live Europe 2006 (Live album) Layout
2008 Radio Earth (Live album) Typography [Type], Design (as "SOMA")
2010 A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra-Capsular Extraction (Compilation) Layout


1997 Reverence (EP) Cover concept, Design
1997 Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk Artwork
1999 IX Equilibrium Artwork, Design
2000 Emperial Live Ceremony (Video) Design
2000 Emperial Live Ceremony (Live album) Artwork
2001 The Emperial Vinyl Presentation (Boxed set) Artwork
2003 Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath (Compilation) Artwork


2001 Quietus Layout


2003 Living in Truth Artwork


1999 Goatsnake Vol. 1 Design, Photography
2000 Dog Days (EP) Photography
2000 Flower of Disease Artwork
2004 Trampled Under Hoof (EP) Artwork (Visual Aggression)

Grand Belial's Key

1994 Triumph of the Hordes (Demo) Logo design (as "Steven O'Malley")

Graves at Sea

2004 Cirrhosis b/w Atavist Arise (Single) Artwork [Design]


1996 Fenris (EP) Design


1996 Imperium (Demo) Artwork [2004 Re-release]

In the Woods...

1997 Omnio Artwork
2000 Three Times Seven on a Pilgrimage (Compilation) Artwork


2005 Dead & Live Aktions (Video) Art direction


2006 KTL Producer
2007 2 Design, Mixing, Photography, Producer
2007 Live In Krems (Live album) Artwork (as "SOMA")

Lair of the Minotaur

2004 Carnage "morbid assembly"


2007 Power Hor Artwork

Lotus Eaters

2002 Lotus Eaters (EP) Artwork (Outer Sleeve)


2004 Solid State Layout, Artwork


1997 Ancient Skin / Necrolust (Single) Design
1997 Wolf's Lair Abyss (EP) Design


2013 Forever Becoming Cover art


2005 Protest Life (Single) Cover art, Logo, Booklet design
2005 Gospels for the Sick Logo


2001 Imaginary Sonicscape Cover art


1998 New Dark Age Design, Layout


2002 Will to Mangle Artwork (Extrascapsular Eyexekutions)

Sunn O)))

2002 Flight of the Behemoth Producer, Artwork
2003 White1 Recording, Mixing
2004 White2 Mixing
2005 Black One Producer, Art direction
2008 Dømkirke (Live album) Art direction (as "SOMA")
2009 Monoliths & Dimensions Art direction
2011 Sunn O))) Meets Nurse with Wound - The Iron Soul of Nothing Art direction
2014 Soused Sleeve design

The Hidden Hand

2004 Mother Teacher Destroyer Artwork (LP Layout)

Thorr's Hammer

1995 Sannhet i blodet (Demo) Layout, Digital imaging


2003 The Hortator's Lament (Compilation) Artwork


2012 Uzala Design, Layout

Viking Crown

1999 Unorthodox Steps of Ritual (EP) Artwork [Layout]


2004 Witchcraft Design


2004 Xasthur / Leviathan (Split) Visuals (as "SOMA")


2003 Aeon Design
2006 Disintegrate Cover art
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