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Sotiris Vayenas

Sotiris Vayenas

Real/full name:
Σωτήρης Βαγενάς
Place of origin:
Greece (Pátra, Akhaia)


Sotiris has stated in interviews that he has "obligations in Greece," and as a result doesn't always tour with the band. "Well yes ... You know I don't do it on purpose or because I like the mystique or something like that.. I have many obligations in Greece and that is the reason. The other guys have a lot of offers to play live shows and I don't want to stop the band, because in this case we ...


All instruments, Vocals


Guitars, Vocals (clean), Lyrics (1990-2003, 2007-present), Keyboards (1994-1998)

1991 Forgotten Path (Demo) Guitars
1991 Temple of the Lost Race (EP) Guitars
1993 Morpheus Awakes (Demo) Guitars
1994 Mystic Places of Dawn Guitars, Vocals (clean), Keyboards
1995 Εσοπτρον Guitars, Vocals (clean), Keyboards
1997 Ophidian Wheel Guitars, Vocals (clean), Keyboards
1998 The Eldest Cosmonaut (EP) Guitars, Vocals (clean), Keyboards
1998 A Fallen Temple Guitars, Vocals (clean), Keyboards
1999 Revolution DNA Guitars, Vocals (clean) (as "Sotiris V.")
2003 Sumerian Daemons Guitars, Vocals (clean) (as "Sotiris V")
2008 Communion Guitars, Vocals (clean)
2010 The Vampire from Nazareth (Single) Guitars, Vocals (clean) (as "Sotiris Anunnaki V")
2011 The Great Mass Guitars, Vocals (clean) (as "Sotiris Anunnaki V")
2014 Order of Dracul (Single) Guitars, Vocals (clean) (as "Sotiris Annunaki V")
2014 Titan Guitars, Vocals (clean) (as "Sotiris Anunnaki V")
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Guitars, Vocals (clean) (1998-2003)

2000 Chaostar Vocals
2000 The Underworld (Demo) Guitars, Vocals (clean)
2001 Threnody Guitars

Danse Macabre

Guitars (1995-?)

Danse Macabre

1998 Totentanz Guitars (tracks 11, 12)

Fractal Gates

2013 Beyond the Self Guitars (lead) (track 7)


2015 Sacrilegious Testament Guitars (lead) (track 8)


As Sotiris V.:

1993 Oh Black Queen, Oh You're Mine (Single) Violin

Order of the Ebon Hand

2005 XV: The Devil Guitars (lead) (track 9)


1996 The Very Best of Pain (EP) Guitars (as "Sotiris")
1997 Aesthetic Terrorism Guitars


1995 Walpurgisnacht Guitars (lead) (tracks 5, 8)


2000 Chaostar Lyrics


1991 Forgotten Path (Demo) Lyrics
1991 Temple of the Lost Race (EP) Lyrics
1993 Morpheus Awakes (Demo) Lyrics
1994 Mystic Places of Dawn Lyrics
1995 Εσοπτρον Music, Lyrics
1997 Ophidian Wheel Lyrics
1998 The Eldest Cosmonaut (EP) Lyrics
1998 A Fallen Temple Lyrics
1999 Revolution DNA Lyrics (as "Sotiris V.")
2003 Sumerian Daemons Lyrics (as "Sotiris V")
2008 Communion Lyrics
2010 The Vampire from Nazareth (Single) Lyrics (as "Sotiris Annunaki V")
2011 The Great Mass Lyrics (as "Sotiris Annunaki V")
2014 Order of Dracul (Single) Lyrics (as "Sotiris Annunaki V")
2014 Titan Lyrics (as "Sotiris Anunnaki V")
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