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Sin Nanna

Sin Nanna

Real/full name:
Russell Menzies
43 (born 1973)
Place of origin:
Australia (Tasmania)


Owner of Finsternis Productions.

The name "Sin (Nanna)" belongs to a Sumerian crescent moon god.


All instruments, Vocals

2004 Spitting Blood of Hate on Mankind All instruments, Vocals


Drums, Vocals

2008 0))) Presents... (Live album) Vocals, Drums


All instruments, Vocals (1997-present)

1997 Cold Winter Moon (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
1997 Striborg / Veil of Darkness / Kathaaria (Split) All Instruments, Vocals
1998 Misanthropic Isolation (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
2000 In the Heart of the Rainforest (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
2004 Spiritual Catharsis All instruments, Vocals
2004 Mysterious Semblance All instruments, Vocals
2005 Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation Vocals, All Instruments
2005 Trepidation Vocals, All Instruments
2006 Embittered Darkness / Isle de Morts Vocals, All Instruments
2006 Nefaria / A Tragic Journey Towards the Light All instruments, Vocals
2007 Striborg / Xasthur (Split) Vocals, All instruments
2007 Ghostwoodlands Vocals, All instruments
2007 Scurshahor / Striborg (Split) All Instruments, Vocals
2007 Solitude All instruments, Vocals
2007 Journey of a Misanthrope (Video) Vocals, All instruments
2008 Autumnal Melancholy All instruments, Vocals
2008 Foreboding Silence All instruments, Vocals
2009 Perceiving the World with Hate Vocals, All instruments
2009 Florestas de Perpétua Solidão (Split) Vocals, All instruments
2009 Black Hatred in a Ghostly Corner (Split) Vocals, All instruments
2009 Southwest Passage Vocals, All instruments
2010 Cold Winter Moon / In the Valley of the Shadow of Death (Split) Vocals, All instruments
2010 Striborg / Vardan (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Black Hatred in a Ghostly Corner (EP) All Instruments, Vocals
2015 This Suffocating Existence All instruments, Vocals
2016 Spiritual Deprivation All instruments, Vocals
2016 Purifying the River of Tears (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals
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Veil of Darkness

All instruments

1997 In the Valley of the Shadow of Death All instruments
2004 Somnambulistic Nightmares All instruments
2015 Nightmares in a Damaged Soul All instruments


All instruments, Vocals

1995 A Tragic Journey Towards the Light All instruments, Vocals
1996 Through the Forest to Spiritial Enlightenment All instruments, Vocals
1997 Isle de Morts All instruments, Vocals


As Russell Menzies:
Drums (1997-2000)


As Striborg:

2009 All Reflections Drained Keyboards (track 4\D2), Vocals
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