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Real/full name:
José Luis Campuzano Feito
64 (born Nov 22nd, 1950)
Place of origin:
Spain (Madrid)


Basic (additional) Discography:
Sherpa - Hace largo tiempo... (LP, 1974)
Sherpa - Sherpa (LP, 1976)
Módulos - Módulos (LP, 1978)

Has also produced a number of non-metal works over the years, including a tribute to The Beatles.


Bass, Vocals (lead)

2004 Guerrero En El Desierto Bass on tracks 1-5, 7-8 & 10-11, Vocals (lead & backing), Piano, Keyboards
2007 El Rock Me Mata Bass, Vocals (lead)
2013 Transfusound Bass, Vocals (lead)

Barón Rojo

Bass, Vocals (1980-1989, 2009-2011)

1981 Larga vida al Rock and Roll Vocals (lead) on tracks 1, 3, 7 & 9, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1981 Con Botas Sucias - Chica de la ciudad (Single) Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1981 ¡Larga vida al Rock & Roll! (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 2, Bass
1982 Volumen Brutal Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on tracks 2, 4, 6 & 8, Bass
1982 Los rockeros van al infierno - Incomunicación (Single) Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1982 Especial Heavy (Split) Vocals (lead) (on tracks 3 & 5), Bass, Vocals (backing)
1982 Resistiré - Hermano del Rock & Roll (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass
1983 La banda más grande del rock español (Single) Bass, Vocals
1983 Metalmorfosis Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on tracks 1.1, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9 & 2.2, Bass
1983 Casi me mato (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass
1983 El malo (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass
1984 Barón Al Rojo Vivo (Live album) Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead)
1984 Campo de concentración (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead), Bass
1984 Especial Heavy (II) (Split) Vocals (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
1984 Concierto para ellos (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead), Bass
1985 En un Lugar de la Marcha Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on tracks 1, 3, 6 & 8
1985 Breakthoven (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead)
1985 Cuerdas de acero (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
1986 Hijos de Caín (Single) Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass
1986 Grandes del Heavy (Split) Vocals (lead), Vocals (backing), Bass
1986 Siempre estáis allí (Live album) Vocals (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
1987 Tierra de nadie Vocals (lead) on tracks 1, 4, 5 & 7, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1987 Pico de oro (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 1
1987 Tierra de nadie (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on track 1
1987 Grandes del Heavy (II) (Split) Vocals (backing), Bass
1987 Heavy de acero (Split) Bass
1988 ¡No va más! Violin (Chinese) on track 9, Vocals (lead) on tracks 1, 3, 8 & 10, Bass, Keyboards on track 10, Vocals (backing)
1988 Trampa y cartón (Single) Vocals (backing), Bass
1988 Travesía urbana (Single) Vocals (lead) on track 1, Bass, Vocals (backing)
1988 Lo Mejor del Heavy (Split) Bass
1988 Grandes éxitos (Compilation) Bass, Vocals (lead)
1989 Obstinato Vocals (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
1989 Get on Your Knees (Single) Bass, Vocals
1989 Archivo de plata del Pop español - Vanguardistas (Split) Bass, Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead) on tracks 1-2 & 4-5
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Los Cisnes



Bass (1977-1979)


Vocals (lead), Guitars, Bass (1973-1977)


Vocals (lead)

Fran Soler

2011 No Eyes Vocals (additional)

Mägo de Oz

2000 Finisterra Vocals (additional) on track 2.10
2004 Belfast Vocals (backing), Vocals (additional) on track 8
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