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Roy Z

Roy Z

Real/full name:
Roy Ramirez
47 (born Feb 1968)
Place of origin:
United States (Los Angeles, CA)


Roy Ramirez adopted the stage name Roy Zerimar (Ramirez spelled backwards) when his career was beginning in the 80s because "ethnic" names were not in fashion at the time. It was eventually shortened to simply Roy Z. He got involved with Bruce Dickinson after the latter left Iron Maiden when he and other members of his band, Tribe of Gypsies, were hired by the singer as his backing group.

Roy ...


Appeared in the one-off band, Lambs Amongst Wolves, on the 2010 Deliverance tribute album, 'Temporary Insanity - A Salute To Deliverance', where they performed "Greetings Of Death".

Bruce Dickinson

Guitars (1992-1995, 1997-present), Bass (2005)

1994 Cyclops (Single) Guitars
1994 Tears of the Dragon (Single) Guitars
1994 Balls to Picasso Guitars
1994 Shoot All the Clowns (Single) Guitars
1995 Sacred Cowboys (Single) Guitars
1997 Accident of Birth (Single) Guitars
1997 Accident of Birth Guitars, Mellotron, Piano
1997 Man of Sorrows (Single) Guitars
1997 Man of Sorrows (EP) Guitars
1998 Killing Floor (Single) Guitars
1998 The Chemical Wedding Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
1999 Scream for Me Brazil (Live album) Guitars
2001 Broken (Single) Guitars, Bass on 1, 2
2005 Abduction (Single) Guitars
2005 Tyranny of Souls Guitars, Bass on 7, 9, 11
(show all)



1990 Driver (EP) Guitars
2008 Sons of Thunder Guitars
2012 Countdown Bass on “Always on my Mind,” ”Cry of the Wounded,” Gimme Your Love”(Japanese Bonus Track),, Guitars


Guitars (2003-present)

2003 Fourging the Furnace (EP) Guitars
2004 Live - Disney House of Blues Concert (Live album) Guitars
2006 Forgotten Generation (Single) Guitars
2006 Silent Screams (Single) Guitars
2008 Resurrection World Tour - Live at Rock in Rio III (Video) Guitars
2009 Get into the Spirit (Single) Guitars
2009 Christmas for Everyone (Single) Guitars
2009 Oh Come O Come Emanuel (Single) Guitars
2009 Winter Songs Guitars
2010 Live in Anaheim - Original Soundtrack (Live album) Guitars
2010 Crucible Guitars
2010 The Mower (Single) Guitars
2010 Live in Anaheim (Video) Guitars
2010 Made of Metal (Single) Guitars
2010 Made of Metal Guitars
2011 Live at Saitama Super Arena - Original Soundtrack (Live album) Guitars
2011 Live at Saitama Super Arena (Video) Guitars
(show all)

Rob Rock


2000 Rage of Creation Bass, Keyboards, Guitars
2003 Eyes of Eternity Guitars, Bass
2004 Live in Japan (Live album) Guitars
2005 Holy Hell Bass, Guitars

Tribe of Gypsies

Guitars, Vocals (backing), Percussion (1991-present)

Lambs Among Wolves

Guitars (2010)


Guitars (1991-1993)


2003 Darker Than Black Guitars (lead) (on tracks 7, 11)


2000 Resurrection Guitars
2002 Crucible Guitars

Immortal Guardian

2014 Revolution Part I (EP) Guitars (Track 3)


1999 Animation Guitars (lead) (2, 3)

Rob Rock

2007 Garden of Chaos Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass

Sebastian Bach

2007 (Love Is) A Bitchslap (Single) Guitars (additional)
2007 Angel Down Guitars (Tracks 2, 4, 9, 10)

Shades of Crimson

2011 Fallen Hero (EP) Guitars (2nd lead) on "Night Fall"

Steel Prophet

As Roy Z.:

1999 Dark Hallucinations Guitars (additional) (Track 5)

The Sacrificed

2012 III Guitar Solo (Ark Of The Covenant)


2005 Execution Guitars (lead) (9)
2007 Execution Live Reunion (Live album) Guitars on 10
2007 Execution Live Reunion (Video) Guitars

Violent Storm

2006 Storm Warning Guitars (lead)


2001 Unholy Terror Guitars (lead) (on tracks 6, 10)


1998 Ancient Future Guitars, Bass


2009 Ravenous Guitars (acoustic) (on "Blood Angel")


2015 Secret Garden Pre-Production


2012 Evil One (Single) Mixing
2012 Burning Oath Mixing

Bruce Dickinson

1997 Accident of Birth (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1997 Accident of Birth Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1997 Man of Sorrows (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1997 Man of Sorrows (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1998 Killing Floor (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1998 The Chemical Wedding Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2005 Abduction (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2005 Tyranny of Souls Producer, Mixing, Engineering


2008 Sons of Thunder Producer
2012 Countdown Producer, Recording, Mixing


2000 Resurrection Producer
2001 Live Insurrection (Live album) Producer
2002 Crucible Producer, Mixing
2009 Winter Songs Producer, Engineering
2010 The Mower (Single) Producer, Engineering
2010 Made of Metal (Single) Producer, Engineering
2010 Made of Metal Producer, Engineering
2012 Live in London (Live album) Audio producer


2000 If I Could Fly (Single) Producer, Engineering
2000 The Dark Ride Engineering, Producer
2000 Mr. Torture (Single) Producer, Engineering
2002 Treasure Chest (Compilation) Producer

Judas Priest

2005 Angel of Retribution Producer, Engineering, Mixing


2013 Unchained Live (Live album) Mixing

Life After Death

1996 Life After Death Producer (as "Roy Z.")


2009 Best Of (Compilation) Mastering

Rob Rock

2000 Rage of Creation Producer
2003 Eyes of Eternity Producer, Executive Producer, Arranging, Mixing, Engineering, Drum editing
2005 Holy Hell Producer
2007 Garden of Chaos Co-producer, Engineering

Saint Deamon

2009 Pandeamonium Producer

Sebastian Bach

2007 Angel Down Producer


2011 Kairos Producer, Mixing, Recording

Seven the Hardway

2010 Seven the Hardway Mixing, Producer (vocals) (tracks 1, 2)

Shades of Crimson

2011 Fallen Hero (EP) Producer


2007 Execution Live Reunion (Live album) Producer
2007 Execution Live Reunion (Video) Producer


2009 Ravenous Producer, Mixing

Yngwie J. Malmsteen

2008 Perpetual Flame Engineering, Mixing
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