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Real/full name:
Craig Horval
27 (born Oct 28th, 1986)
Place of origin:
United States (Cleveland)


Was the live bassist for Sperm Of Antichrist

Crucified Mortals

As Craig Horval:
Vocals, Guitar, Bass (2001-present)

2001 Hung Out to Die (Demo) Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drum programming
2004 Converted by Decapitation (EP) Guitar, Vocals
2005 Kill upon Command (Single) Vocals, Guitar, Bass
2006 Rehearse Hell (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2007 Demo 2007 (Demo) Vocals, Guitar
2008 Impious Trilogy / Project Trauma (Split) Vocals, Guitar, Bass
2008 Ghastly Affliction (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2008 The Weird Sessions / Figure in Black (Split) Bass, Vocals, Guitars
2009 Demo 2009 (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2011 Crucified Mortals Vocals, Guitar, Bass
2012 Crucified Mortals / Radiolokátor (Split) Vocals, Guitar, Bass
2013 Bludgeoned (Single) Vocals, Guitar, Bass
2013 Crucified Mortals / Exorcism (Split) Vocals, Guitar, Bass
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The Spawn of Satan

Guitars, Bass

2008 The Spawn of Satan / Evil Angel (Split) Guitars, Bass
2012 Spawn of Satan / Sathanas (Split) Bass

Nordic Mist


2006 Cracking the Hoarfrost / Into the Psyche Delve (Split) Bass (as "Craig the Horrorval")



2005 Slutty Cryptic Mother (EP) Bass
2006 Fuck the God in Heaven (EP) Bass, Guitars
2006 Punk as Fuck (Split) Bass
2007 Nunslaughter / Sloth (Split) Bass
2007 Nunslaughter / Destructor (Split) Bass
2007 Hex Guitars, Bass
2007 Radical Rapture Ruptures (Live album) Bass
2007 Nordic Nightmare Tour 2007 (EP) Bass
2007 Hellidelphia (Video) Bass
2007 Maggots (Split) Bass, Guitars
2007 Gravewürm / Nunslaughter (Split) Bass
2007 How Cold the Grave / Anger Explosion (Split) Guitars, Bass
2008 Nunslaughter / Rabid (Split) Bass
2008 Damned in Japan 2005 (Video) Bass
2009 European Excommunication Tour 2009 (EP) Bass
2009 Padova 18 Marzo 2009 - Tour EP Commemorative (EP) Bass
2009 Satanic Masturbation / Under Satan's Command (Split) Bass
2009 Club Cobra Control (Live album) Bass
2009 Nunslaughter / Goatsodomy (Split) Bass
2009 Satanic Slut Spawns (Live album) Bass
2009 SathaSlaughter (EP) Bass
2009 Raid the Country Star (Live in Padova, Italy 3/18/09) (Live album) Bass
2009 Nunslaughter / Radiolokátor (Split) Bass
2010 Black (EP) Bass
2010 Towards the North 2010 Tour (EP) Bass
2010 Evil Hellbangers (Split) Bass
2010 Nunslaughter / Fetus Eaters (Split) Guitars, Bass
2010 Nunslaughter / SMG (Split) Bass
2010 Evil Hellbangers 2 (Split) Bass
2011 Raped by HungariaNuns (Live album) Bass
2011 Sabbatical Nunslaughter Goat Metal Assault (Split) Bass
2012 The Hammer of Satan (Split) Bass
2012 Forward to Hell (Live album) Bass
2012 Live Devils in the City of Angels (Video) Bass
2012 The Danish Murders (Live album) Bass
2012 Near the Catacombs (Live album) Bass
2013 Noctis (EP) Bass
2014 All These While / Nunslaughter (Split) Bass
2014 Condemned to Hellsinki (Live album) Bass
2014 Live, Finland July 6th 2007 (Live album) Bass
2014 Moloch / Nunslaughter (Split) Bass
2014 Nunslaughter / Witchtrap (Split) Bass
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Sperm of Antichrist

Bass (2009)

Crucified Mortals

2004 Converted by Decapitation (EP) Layout (as "Craig Horval")
2005 Kill upon Command (Single) Engineering, Layout
2008 The Weird Sessions / Figure in Black (Split) Engineering
2011 Crucified Mortals Producer
2012 Remix Hell (Compilation) Layout
2013 Bludgeoned (Single) Recording, Layout


2008 Ghastly Affliction (Split) Layout


2007 Gravewürm / Nunslaughter (Split) Recording
2007 How Cold the Grave / Anger Explosion (Split) Recording
2013 Possessed by Death Metal (Live album) Mastering
2014 Eastern Illusion (Compilation) Mixing
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