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Paul Kuhr

Paul Kuhr

Real/full name:
Paul Kuhr
44 (born Dec 4th, 1971)
Place of origin:
United States (Berwyn, Illinois)

Godless Lies


Novembers Doom

Vocals (1992-present)

1995 Her Tears Drop (Demo) Vocals
1995 Amid Its Hallowed Mirth Vocals
1997 For Every Leaf That Falls (EP) Vocals
1999 Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers Vocals
2000 The Knowing Vocals, Lyrics
2002 To Welcome the Fade Vocals
2005 The Pale Haunt Departure Vocals
2007 The Novella Reservoir Vocals
2008 The Novella Vosselaar: Live in Belgium (Video) Vocals
2009 Into Night's Requiem Infernal Vocals
2011 Aphotic Vocals
2014 Bled White Vocals
(show all)

Subterranean Masquerade

Vocals (2004-present)

2004 Temporary Psychotic State (EP) Vocals
2005 Suspended Animation Dreams Vocals
2015 The Great Bazaar Vocals

These Are They

Vocals (2008-present)

2009 Who Manifest (EP) Vocals
2009 Who Linger Vocals
2010 Disposing of Betrayers Vocals
2014 1871 (EP) Vocals
2014 At the Feast of Seven Funerals Vocals, Lyrics


As Paul Kuhr III:

Em Sinfonia


1999 In Mournings Symphony (EP) Vocals


As Paul Kuhr III:
Vocals (1989-1992)

1990 The Way of All Flesh (Demo) Vocals
1992 Scabs (Demo) Vocals
1992 Ripping Avulsion (Single) Vocals

Andy Winter

2013 Incomprehensible Vocals (track 7)

Devin Townsend Project

2011 Deconstruction Vocals (additional) (on track 1)


2011 System of the Seasons (EP) Vocals (track 1)

Fading Bliss

2013 From Illusion to Despair Vocals (track 8)


2011 The Cimmerian Years Vocals (track 4)


2013 The Inheritance Vocals (additional) (tracks 4, 8), Lyrics


1998 Mournful Heaven (EP) Design, Layout


2000 Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie (Compilation) Layout

Broken Hope

1999 Grotesque Blessings Design, Layout

Dead of Winter

2003 In Vain (Demo) Cover art


1997 Desecrated Layout
2000 Welcome to Oblivion Artwork, Layout, Design
2002 Vedma (Compilation) Layout, Artwork
2004 As We Burn Cover art, Design, Layout
2006 Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead Design, Layout

Divine Empire

1998 Redemption Design, Layout
2000 Doomed to Inherit Design, Layout

Em Sinfonia

1999 In Mournings Symphony (EP) Artwork, Layout, Logo
2001 Intimate Portrait Logo


1998 Where Ravens Fly Layout, Design

Jungle Rot

2001 Dead and Buried Design (graphic design), Layout

Michael Angelo Batio

2007 2 X Again (Compilation) Artwork


1998 Holocausto de la Morte Layout, Design

Novembers Doom

1997 For Every Leaf That Falls (EP) Artwork
1999 Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers Lyrics
2000 The Knowing Design, Layout
2002 To Welcome the Fade Lyrics, Design, Layout
2005 The Pale Haunt Departure Lyrics
2007 The Novella Reservoir Lyrics
2009 Into Night's Requiem Infernal Lyrics
2011 Aphotic Layout, Lyrics, Photography
2014 Bled White Lyrics


2010 Murderous Acts of Cruelty Layout, Photography


1998 Lead and Aether Layout, Design

The Prophecy

2009 Into the Light Layout, Cover art

These Are They

2009 Who Linger Lyrics, Layout, Photography
2014 1871 (EP) Cover art, Lyrics
2014 At the Feast of Seven Funerals Photography
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