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Nox Irnaed Azzur

Nox Irnaed Azzur

Real/full name:
Place of origin:
United Kingdom


Used to run Path of the Wolf.

Ancient Spirit

As Shadows:
Guitars, Keys, Vocals

2015 Through Heathen Eyes (Demo) Guitars, Keys, Vocals


As Nox:

2014 Forest Grave / Arete II (Split) Drums

Cast in Stone

Drums, Vocals

2011 Paths in the Snow (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Nox")

Dark Autumn

All instruments

Forest Grave

As Nox:
All instruments, Vocals (2008-2014)

2008 Forest Grave / Gandr (Split) Vocals, Drums, Strings
2009 Misanthropy (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2009 Forest Grave / Marbh (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2009 Visions of a Humbling Supremacy (Demo) All instruments, vocals
2009 Forest Grave / Cripta Oculta (Split) Everything
2010 The Light Through the Trees (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Change & Renewal (Demo) Strings, Vocals
2010 Where the Land Is Silent (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Silence (The Equilibrium) (Demo) All.
2010 Sorrow (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Forgotten (Demo) Strings, Arrangements
2010 Forest Grave / Ostots (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2011 The Light Through the Trees (Part III) (Demo) All instruments, vocals
2011 The Light Through the Trees (Part II) (Demo) All instruments, vocals
2011 Visions of These Desolate Lands (Demo) All instruments.
2011 Spring Rehearsal (Demo) All instruments, vocals
2011 Forest Grave / Ostots II (Split) Guitar, Bass, Vocals , Tin Whistle, Lyrics, Drums.
2011 Before (Demo) Vocals, Drums
2013 Winter Rehearsal (Demo) All instruments, vocals
2013 Through Thickets and Trodden Paths (Demo) All instruments, vocals
2013 Forest Grave (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Forest Grave / Arete (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2014 To Bear the Marks of Time / Chronicles in the Bark (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2014 By the Glowing Lights of Old (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2014 MMXIV (Demo) All Instruments, Vocals & Mixing.
2015 The Ageless Soil / Call from the Towers (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
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Foudre Noire

As Nox:
Drums, Vocals

2008 The Dark Gods Drums, Vocals


As Azzur:
Vocals, Bass, Guitars

2007 Untitled Split (Split) Vocals, Bass, Guitars


Drums, Vocals

2010 Sinisterite Drums, Vocals (as "Nox")
2011 The Unclean Days Drums, Vocals (as "Nox")


As Nox:

2011 The Guardian Spirit (Demo) Drums


2008 Thanateros (Demo) Drums


2011 The Guardian Spirit (Demo) Lyrics (as "Nox")

Cast in Stone

2011 Paths in the Snow (Demo) Lyrics (as "Nox")

Forest Grave

2011 Before (Demo) Lyrics (as "Nox")

Owl's Blood

2011 Lunar Equilibrium (Demo) Lyrics (as "Nox")
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