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Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx

Real/full name:
Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrana
56 (born Dec 11th, 1958)
Place of origin:
United States (San Jose, California)


Nikki Sixx (Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna) found himself working in L.A. as a telemarketer (selling vacuum cleaners!) and put together a punk/glam band called Rex Blade in 1975. He met Mick Mars while working 20 hours a day to attempt to save up money (and also purchase drugs), but ended up instead joining a band called Sister, with none other than Blackie Lawless and Chris Holmes (WASP). In ...


He had two autobiographical books published: "The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star", in 2008, and "This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx", in 2013.

Mötley Crüe

Bass, Vocals (1981-present)

1981 The First Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1981 Re-Recorded First Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1981 Stick to Your Guns (Single) Vocals, Bass
1981 Leathur Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1981 Too Fast for Love Bass
1982 Live Wire (Single) Bass, Vocals
1983 Looks That Kill (Single) Bass, Vocals
1983 Shout at the Devil Bass, Vocals
1984 Helter Skelter (EP) Vocals, Bass
1984 Too Young to Fall in Love (Single) Bass, Vocals
1985 Smokin' in the Boys Room (Single) Bass, Vocals
1985 Theatre of Pain Bass, Synthesizer, Vocals (backing)
1985 Home Sweet Home (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synths
1986 Uncensored (Video) Bass, Vocals, Synths
1987 Girls, Girls, Girls (Single) Bass, Vocals
1987 Girls, Girls, Girls Bass, Vocals
1987 Wild Side (Single) Bass, Vocals
1987 You\'re All I Need (Single) Vocals, Bass
1988 Dr. Feelgood Demos (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1988 Raw Tracks (EP) Synths, Bass, Vocals
1989 Dr. Feelgood (Single) Bass, Vocals
1989 Dr. Feelgood Bass (8 string, 12 string), Piano, Organ, Vocals (backing)
1989 Kickstart My Heart (Single) Bass, Vocals (backing)
1990 Without You (Single) Vocals, Bass
1990 Raw Tracks II (EP) Vocals, Bass
1990 Don\'t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) (Single) Bass, Vocals
1990 Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) (Single) Bass, Vocals
1990 Dr. Feelgood: The Videos (Video) Vocals, Bass
1991 Primal Scream (Single) Vocals, Bass
1991 Angela (Single) Bass, Vocals
1992 Decade of Decadence '81-'91 (Video) Bass, Vocals, Synth
1994 Uncle Jack (Single) Bass, Vocals
1994 Hooligan's Holiday (Single) Bass, Vocals
1994 Misunderstood (Single) Vocals, Bass
1994 Mötley Crüe Vocals (backing), Bass, Piano
1994 Quaternary (EP)
1994 Smoke the Sky (Single) Bass, Vocals
1997 Glitter (Single) Bass, Vocals
1997 Afraid (Single) Bass, Vocals
1997 Generation Swine Vocals, Bass
1999 Live: Entertainment or Death (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2000 New Tattoo Vocals, Bass
2001 Lewd, Crüed & Tattooed (Video) Bass, Vocals
2003 Greatest Video Hits (Video) Bass, Vocals
2004 If I Die Tomorrow (Single) Bass, Vocals
2005 The Universal Masters DVD Collection (Video) Vocals, Synth "Home Sweet Home", Bass
2005 Sick Love Song (Single) Vocals, Bass
2005 Carnival of Sins (Video) Vocals, Bass
2006 Carnival of Sins: Live Volume 2 (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2006 Carnival of Sins: Live Volume 1 (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2008 Broadcasting Live (Video) Vocals, Bass
2008 Saints of Los Angeles (Single) Bass, Vocals
2008 Saints of Los Angeles Vocals, Bass
2009 Crüe Fest (Split video) Bass, Vocals
2012 Sex (Single) Bass, Vocals
2015 All Bad Things (Single) Bass, Vocals
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Sixx A.M.

Bass, Vocals (backing) (2007-present)



Brides of Destruction

Bass (2002-2004)


Bass (1978-1981)

1979 Demo (Demo) Bass
2000 London Daze (Split) Bass

Rex Blade

Bass (1975-?)


1977 Demo 1977 (Demo) Bass
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