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Mike Hrubovcak

Mike Hrubovcak

Real/full name:
Mike Hrubovcak
Place of origin:
United States (Philadelphia / New York City)


Brother of J.J. Hrubovcak.

Azure Emote

Vocals (2003-present)

2007 Chronicles of an Aging Mammal Maracas, Straw, Various instruments, Vocals, Electronic arrangements, Samples, Keyboards, Drum programming, Flute
2013 The Gravity of Impermanence Vocals, Lyrics, Electronics, Programming, Samples, Keyboards, Harmonica

Divine Rapture

Vocals (1995-present)

1999 Divine Rapture Vocals
2001 Promo 2001 (Demo) Vocals
2001 2001 Promo (#2) (Demo) Vocals
2003 The Burning Passion Vocals


Vocals (2006-present)

2007 Spiritual Apocalypse Vocals
2012 Live Apocalypse (Video) Vocals


Vocals (2006-present)

2008 Wolf at Your Door (Single) Vocals
2011 Metamorphosis Vocals


Vocals (2009-?)

2009 Promo 2009 (Demo) Vocals
2009 Wretched Existence (EP) Vocals
2011 Damnation Vocals

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

Vocals (2002-2003)

XXX Maniak

Vocals (2003-2008)

Aurora Borealis

2002 Time, Unveiled Vocals (backing) (on track 7)
2006 Relinquish Vocals (backing)

Reckless Manslaughter

2013 Blast into Oblivion guest-vocals in "Iron Casket"

XXX Maniak

2008 The Cracks of Doom (Split) Vocals


2007 Slimewave Series Volume 3 (Split) Artwork

Aurora Borealis

1998 Praise the Archaic Lights Embrace Artwork
2005 Promo 05 (EP) Artwork
2006 Relinquish Cover art, Layout, Design
2014 Worldshapers Layout, Cover art


2009 Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-Mutilation) Cover art, Layout, Design

Azure Emote

2007 Chronicles of an Aging Mammal Artwork, Design
2013 The Gravity of Impermanence Artwork, Design

Being Killed

2008 Massacre of the Living Cover art, Layout
2008 Kill Yourself Cover art, Layout


2011 Re-puked Purulency (Compilation) Artwork

Chainsaw Dissection

2005 Zombie Decimation Cover art
2006 Remnants of the Slaughtered Artwork, Layout (as "Visual Darkness")
2006 River of Blood and Viscera Artwork, Layout (as "Visual Darkness")
2009 Eviscerated by a Ravenous Cannibal Artwork, Layout (as "Visual Darkness")


2008 The Cracks of Doom (Split) Artwork


2010 Abused with Gods Blessing Cover art, Design, Layout


2005 Remnants of a Cannibalistic Debauchery Cover art (as "Mike Hrubovkec")


2008 Exhumed - A Grave Collection (Compilation) Artwork


2014 Fuck Me I'm Dead (EP) Cover art

Guttural Secrete

2006 Reek of Pubescent Despoilment Cover art, Layout
2013 Nourishing the Spoil Cover art, Cover concept


2007 Slimewave Series Volume 6 (Split) Artwork, Design
2010 Moulding the Deformed Cover art


2007 Best of Lament: 14 Years Rocking the World (Compilation) Cover art


2007 Amaranthine Redolence Cover art, Layout


2007 Drenched in Lies Cover art

Mr. Death

2009 Detached from Life Cover art, Artwork


2006 Surgically Hacked Cover art, Layout
2008 Incisions of Perverse Debauchery Cover art, Layout


2002 Clitoraldectomy (EP) Cover art (2011 reissue)

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

2005 Buried in the Front Yard Design, Photography, Artwork
2009 Living for Death, Destroying the Rest Artwork, Design
2012 Ghostmaker Artwork, Design

Seeking Obscure

2007 Seeking Obscure Artwork, Logo


2008 The Silent Howling Cover art, Artwork
2010 Legacy of Ashes Artwork, Cover art
2012 The Carnage Ending Artwork
2014 The Post-Apocalyptic Servant Artwork
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