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Max Cavalera

Max Cavalera

Real/full name:
Massimiliano Antonio Cavalera
45 (born Aug 4th, 1969)
Place of origin:
Brazil (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais)


Massimiliano Antonio "Max" Cavalera is a Brazilian singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He was the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the metal band Sepultura, before forming Soulfly in the late 1990s. Cavalera was involved in a short-lived side project, Nailbomb, and is currently performing with Soulfly and another project, Cavalera Conspiracy.

Max (vocals, guitars) and Greg Puciato (vocals, ...


Despite singing Satanic lyrics in the Sepultura's debut album Morbid Visions and other songs, he has stated that his albums have all been dedicated to God, and he has often been depicted by the press as a man of religion, especially in America, something that Cavalera himself says he does not understand.

As he himself put it: "I do hate a lot of 'religion' but people like Christ - yeah they ...

Cavalera Conspiracy

Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (2007-present)

2008 Sanctuary (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2008 Inflikted Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2011 Killing Inside (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2011 Blunt Force Trauma Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2014 Pandemonium Guitars (rhythm), Vocals

Killer Be Killed

Vocals, Guitars (2011-present)

2014 Wings of Feather and Wax (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2014 Killer Be Killed Vocals, Guitars

Metal All Stars

Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (2013-present)


Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau, Sitar (1997-present), Bass (2000)

1998 Umbabarauma (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1998 Bleed (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Berimbau, Lyrics (Tracks 1-3)
1998 Bleed (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1998 Soulfly Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Sitar, Electric Berimbau
1999 Frontline Volume 2 - The Singles Club (Split) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1999 Tribe (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau, Lyrics
1999 Tribe (Australian Special Tour Edition) (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau, Lyrics
2000 Back to the Primitive (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2000 Back to the Primitive (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau
2000 Primitive Guitars (rhythm), Bass, Vocals
2002 Seek 'n' Strike (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau
2002 Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau, Sitar, Lyrics
2004 Prophecy Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Sitar, Berimbau
2005 The Song Remains Insane (Video) Berimbau, Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2005 Dark Ages Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Sitar, Berimbau, Lyrics
2008 Unleash (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2008 Conquer Sitar, Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Berimbau
2009 Blood Fire War Hate (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2010 Rise of the Fallen (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Lyrics
2010 Omen Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Sitar, Lyrics
2012 World Scum (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2012 Enslaved Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Sitar, Lyrics
2013 Bloodshed (Single) Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2013 Savages Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Sitar, Lyrics
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As Max "Possessed":

1986 Live at Festival da Morte (Demo) Bass
1986 Guerrilha (Demo) Bass


Guitars, Bass, Samples, Vocals (1993-1995)

1994 Point Blank Guitars, Bass, Samples, Vocals
1995 Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (left speaker)
2005 Live at Dynamo (Video) Guitars, Vocals

Roadunner United

Vocals on 'Independent (Voice of the Voiceless)' (2005)


Guitars (1984-1985), Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (1985-1996)

1985 Bestial Devastation / Século XX (Split) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Lyrics (as "Max "Possessed"")
1986 Morbid Visions Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Lyrics
1987 Schizophrenia Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1989 Morbid Visions / Cease to Exist (Split) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1989 Beneath the Remains Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1990 Bestial Devastation (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (as "Max Possessed")
1990 The Lost Tapes of Cogumelo (Split) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (as "Max Possesed")
1991 Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1991 Rock Power Magazine Presents (Split) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Lyrics
1991 Arise Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Lyrics
1991 Dead Embryonic Cells (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1992 Arise (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1992 Third World Posse (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1992 Under Siege (Live in Barcelona) (Video) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1993 Chaos A.D. Guitars (rhythm & acoustic), Percussion, Vocals
1993 Territory (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1994 Slave New World (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1994 Refuse / Resist (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1995 Third World Chaos (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1996 Natural Born Blasters (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Lyrics (track 5)
1996 Roots Bloody Roots (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1996 We Are What We Are (Video) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1996 Roots Guitars (rhythm), Lyrics, Vocals
1996 Ratamahatta (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1996 Attitude (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1996 Cemetery Gates (Demon Knight Edit) (Split) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1997 Tribal Devastation (Video) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1997 Procreation of the Wicked (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2002 Under a Pale Grey Sky (Live album) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2002 Chaos DVD (Video) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
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2009 Risen (Video) Interview


2006 Repressed (Single) Vocals (on "Repressed (Edit)")
2006 The Life Burns Tour (Video) Vocals (on "EPK - Repressed (Bonus Material)", "Repressed (Video)")


As Max Possessed:

1986 Children Sacrifice (Demo) Vocals (on "Intro")

Man Must Die

2013 Peace Was Never an Option Vocals (on "Abuser Friendly")


2015 Enki Vocals (track 3)


2004 Probot Vocals (lead) (Track 2)

Ratos de Porão

As Max:

1987 Cada Dia Mais Sujo e Agressivo / Dirty and Aggressive Vocals (backing) on ("Morte e Desespero" "Death and Despair")


1998 Poder latino Producer


2006 Repressed (Single) Lyrics (track 1)

Cavalera Conspiracy

2008 Sanctuary (Single) Producer
2008 Inflikted Producer
2011 Killing Inside (Single) Producer
2011 Blunt Force Trauma Producer


1994 Point Blank Producer
1995 Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide (Live album) Producer, Logo, Artwork, Photography
2005 Live at Dynamo (Video) Producer


1987 Schizophrenia Lyrics
1989 Beneath the Remains Mixing
1996 B-Sides (Compilation) Photography
1996 Ratamahatta (EP) Photography (statue)
1997 Blood-Rooted (Compilation) Photography
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1987-1996 (Compilation) Mixing


1998 Bleed (Single) Photography (cover) (as "Max C.")
1998 Soulfly Photography
2000 Back to the Primitive (Single) Producer, Masterminded, Lyrics
2000 Primitive Producer
2002 Producer, Mixing, Photography, Cover Art, Arrangements, Percussive ideas
2004 Prophecy Producer
2005 Dark Ages Producer
2008 Conquer Producer
2010 Rise of the Fallen (Single) Producer
2010 Omen Producer
2012 World Scum (Single) Producer
2012 Enslaved Producer
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