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Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman

Real/full name:
Martin Adam Friedman
52 (born Dec 8th, 1962)
Place of origin:
United States (Laurel, Maryland)


Friedman is a largely self-taught guitarist known for his improvisation and for fusing an Eastern musical feel with Western musical styles, such as neo-classical, thrash metal and later into progressive rock. When playing, Friedman often uses arpeggiated chords and various customised scales. He also occasionally uses sweep picking.

He has a very unorthodox right hand picking technique, namely ...


When Cacophony broke up in 1989, Friedman auditioned for the thrash metal band Megadeth after a tip from fellow guitarist Jeff Loomis. Friedman was initially rejected by Dave Mustaine for having multicoloured hair. However, after undergoing what Mustaine called "Rock School 101", Friedman officially joined Megadeth in February 1990.

Played with Stéphan Forté and Yossi Sassi during the "Guitar ...

Marty Friedman

Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programming (1987-present)

1988 Dragon's Kiss Guitars, Bass
1992 Scenes Guitars, Bass
1994 Introduction Bass, Guitars
1996 True Obsessions Guitars, Synthesizer
2002 Music for Speeding Shamisen, Programming, Guitars
2006 Loudspeaker Guitars, Bass (tracks 6, 8, 9)
2007 Exhibit B: Live in Japan (Video) Guitars
2007 Exhibit A: Live in Europe (Live album) Guitars (lead), Vocals
2008 Future Addict Guitars
2009 Tokyo Jukebox Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (track 4)
2010 Kiba (Single) Guitars
2010 Bad D.N.A. Guitars
2011 Tokyo Jukebox 2 Guitars
2014 Inferno Guitars
(show all)

Metal Clone X


2012 Metal Clone X Guitars

Aikawa Nanase

Guitars (2004-?)



1982 Aloha / Demo (Demo) Guitars


Guitars (lead) (1986-1989), Bass (1986-1987)

1987 Speed Metal Symphony Bass, Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm)
1988 Go Off! Guitars


Guitars (1978-1980)

1997 Deuce Guitars (1-4, 6-9)


As Friedman:
Guitars (2010-2012)


Guitars (1982-1985)

1983 One Nation Underground Guitars
1985 The Natives Are Restless Guitars
1985 Loud, Wild and Heavy (EP) Guitars

Jet Red

Guitars (1988)


Guitars, Bass (2008-?)


Guitars (1990-1999)

1990 Hangar 18 (Single) Guitars
1990 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (Single) Guitars
1990 Rust in Peace Guitars
1991 Rusted Pieces (Video) Guitars
1992 Skin o' My Teeth (Single) Guitars
1992 Countdown to Extinction Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1992 Symphony of Destruction (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1992 Foreclosure of a Dream (Single) Guitars
1992 Exposure of a Dream (Video) Guitars
1992 Limited Edition! Megadeth Live (EP) Guitars
1993 Sweating Bullets (Single) Guitars
1994 The Story of Megadeth (Single) Guitars
1994 Youthanasia Guitars, Vocals (backing)
1994 Train of Consequences (Single) Guitars
1995 À Tout le Monde (Single) Guitars
1995 Evolver (Video) Guitars
1996 Cyberarmy Exclusive Tracks (EP) Guitars
1997 Cryptic Writings Guitars, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing)
1997 Trust (Single) Guitars
1997 Live Trax (EP) Guitars
1998 Cryptic Sounds (No Voices in Your Head) (EP) Guitars
1999 Less Than Jake / Megadeth (Split) Guitars
1999 Risk Guitars
2000 Breadline (EP) Guitars
2004 Unplugged in Philly (Live album) Guitars
2005 Video Hits (Video) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2006 Arsenal of Megadeth (Video) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2012 Rust in Peace / Countdown to Extinction (Compilation) Guitars
2014 Countdown to Extinction / Rust in Peace (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
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Red Dye #2

As Dr. A:
Guitars (2000-2001)

Rocket to Russia (Ramones tribute)

Guitars (2002)



1981 Demo 1 (Demo) Guitars
1982 Demo 3 (Demo) Guitars
1982 Demo 2 (Demo) Guitars
1983 Made in Hawaii (EP) Guitars

Ami Suzuki

Guitars (2005)



Age of Evil

2007 Living a Sick Dream Guitars (lead) (track 4)


2002 Animetal Lady Marathon II Guitars (lead) (track 17)


2005 Forged by Fire Guitars (lead) (on track 7)


2005 All That Remains Guitars (on "Born of Anger")

Jason Becker

1988 Perpetual Burn Guitars (lead) on tracks 5, 6, 7
1999 The Raspberry Jams Guitars (track 10)

Jeff Loomis

2012 Plains of Oblivion Guitars (lead) (track 1)

Phantom Blue

1993 Built to Perform Guitars (lead) (track 11)


2010 Fantasia Guitars


2003 Where Moth and Rust Destroy Guitars (lead)
2012 Antiseptic Bloodbath Guitars (lead) (track 3)
2014 Onward to Freedom Guitar solo (track 9)
2014 Onward to Freedom Guitars (lead - Track 9)

Yossi Sassi

2012 Melting Clocks Guitars
2014 Desert Butterflies Guitars (lead) (track 1)


1987 The Forgotten Scroll Producer
1988 The Eyes of Time Producer


1987 Speed Metal Symphony Producer
1988 Go Off! Producer

Marty Friedman

1988 Dragon's Kiss Producer
1992 Scenes Producer (tracks 5-8)
1994 Introduction Producer
1996 True Obsessions Producer
2002 Music for Speeding Producer, Engineering
2006 Loudspeaker Producer
2007 Exhibit A: Live in Europe (Live album) Producer
2009 Tokyo Jukebox Producer
2010 Bad D.N.A. Producer, Arrangements
2011 Tokyo Jukebox 2 Producer
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