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Martin Birch

Martin Birch

Real/full name:
Martin Birch
Place of origin:
United Kingdom


Martin Birch was a highly-regarded rock and metal record producer. In addition to the bands listed in the Archives and the solo projects of their members he was also known for working with Wishbone Ash, Whitesnake, Fleetwood Mac, Wayne County & the Electric Chairs and Blue Öyster Cult.

The final album he produced was Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark" before he retired in 1992.

Black Sabbath

1980 Lady Evil / Children of the Sea (Single) Producer, Engineering
1980 Lady Evil (Single) Producer, Engineering
1980 Heaven and Hell Producer, Engineering
1980 Neon Knights / Children of the Sea (Live) (Single) Producer, Engineering (Track 1)
1980 Die Young (Single) Producer, Engineering (Track 1)
1981 Mob Rules Producer, Engineering
1981 Mob Rules (Single) Producer, Engineering (Track 1)
1982 Turn Up the Night (Single) Producer, Engineering
2007 The Dio Years (Compilation) Engineering, Producer

Deep Purple

1970 Deep Purple in Rock Engineering
1971 Fireball Engineering
1972 Machine Head Engineering, Mixing
1972 Made in Japan (Live album) Engineering
1973 Who Do We Think We Are Engineering
1974 Burn Engineering, Mixing
1974 Stormbringer Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1975 24 Carat Purple (Compilation) Engineering
1975 Come Taste the Band Mixing, Producer, Engineering (as "Martin (The Wasp) Birch")
1976 Made in Europe (Live album) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1977 Last Concert in Japan (Live album) Producer, Engineering
1993 Live in Japan (Live album) Engineering
2010 Singles & E.P. Anthology '68 - '80 (Compilation) Engineering, Producer
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Iron Maiden

1981 Killers Producer, Engineering (as "Martin "Headmaster" Birch")
1981 Twilight Zone (Single) Producer, Engineering
1981 Purgatory (Single) Producer, Engineering
1981 Wrathchild (Single) Producer, Engineering
1982 Run to the Hills (Single) Producer, Engineering
1982 The Number of the Beast Producer, Engineering (as "Martin "Farmer" Birch")
1982 The Number of the Beast (Single) Producer, Engineering (Track 1)
1983 Flight of Icarus (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1983 Piece of Mind Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Martin "Marvin" Birch")
1983 The Trooper (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1984 2 Minutes to Midnight (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1984 Powerslave Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1984 Aces High (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1984 Behind the Iron Curtain (Video) Producer
1985 Running Free (live) (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1985 Live After Death (Live album) Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Martin "Live Animal" Birch")
1985 Live After Death (Video) Mixing
1985 Run to the Hills (live) (Single) Mixing
1986 Wasted Years (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1986 Somewhere in Time Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "Masa" Birch")
1986 Stranger in a Strange Land (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1988 Can I Play with Madness (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "The Vardengrip" Birch")
1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1988 The Evil That Men Do (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1988 The Clairvoyant (Single) Mixing
1989 Infinite Dreams (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1989 Maiden England (Video) Mixing (VHS)
1990 Holy Smoke (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "The Bishop" Birch")
1990 No Prayer for the Dying Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "The Bishop" Birch")
1992 Be Quick or Be Dead (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "The Juggler" Birch")
1992 Fear of the Dark Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "The Juggler" Birch")
1992 From Here to Eternity (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Martin "The Juggler" Birch")
1992 Wasting Love (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (Track 1) (as "Martin "The Juggler" Birch")
1996 Best of the Beast (Compilation) Producer
1998 Eddie Head (Boxed set) Producer
2001 Classic Albums: The Number of the Beast (Video) Producer, Engineering
2005 The Essential Iron Maiden (Compilation) Producer
2008 Somewhere Back in Time - The Best of: 1980-1989 (Compilation) Mixing, Producer
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1975 Still I'm Sad (Single) Producer
1975 The Temple of the King (Single) Producer
1975 Man on the Silver Mountain / Snake Charmer (Single) Producer
1975 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Producer
1976 Rainbow Rising Producer
1976 Starstruck / Run with the Wolf (Single) Producer
1977 On Stage (Live album) Producer
1978 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (Single) Producer
1978 Long Live Rock 'n' Roll Producer
1978 L. A. Connection (Single) Producer
1980 Monsters of Rock (Split) Producer (Track 1)
1981 The Best of Rainbow (Compilation) Producer
1983 Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (Boxed set) Producer
1989 Ансамбль Rainbow (Compilation) Producer
1997 The Very Best of Rainbow (Compilation) Producer
2000 Millennium Collection: Rainbow (Compilation) Producer
2001 Universal Masters Collection (Compilation) Producer
2002 Pot of Gold (Compilation) Producer
2002 All Night Long: An Introduction (Compilation) Producer
2003 Catch the Rainbow - The Anthology (Compilation) Producer
2006 The Collection (Compilation) Producer
2009 Anthology 1975 - 1984 (Compilation) Producer
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