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Marco Hietala

Marco Hietala

Real/full name:
Marko Tapani Hietala
50 (born Jan 14th, 1966)
Place of origin:
Finland (Tervo)


Brother of Zachary Hietala.

Marco Hietala sings for Sapattivuosi, a band that performs Black Sabbath covers in Finnish. He also sings for Northern Kings, an 80s pop cover project also featuring Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (Charon), Jarkko Ahola (Teräsbetoni) and Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica). He has also made guest appearances for Delain, Nuclear Blast Allstars, Warmath and Dreamtale.


Bass, Vocals (2001-present)

2002 Bless the Child (Single) Bass
2002 Century Child Bass, Vocals
2002 Ever Dream (Single) Bass, Vocals
2004 Nemo (Single) Bass, Vocals
2004 Once Vocals, Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
2004 Wish I Had an Angel (Single) Bass, Vocals
2004 Tales from the Elvenpath (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2004 Kuolema tekee taiteilijan (Single) Bass
2005 Bestwishes (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2005 The Siren (Single) Bass, Vocals
2005 Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2005 Sleeping Sun (Single) Bass (tracks 1 & 2)
2006 End of an Era (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2007 Eva (Single) Bass
2007 Amaranth (Single) Bass, Vocals
2007 Amaranth (Single) Vocals, Bass
2007 Amaranth (Video) Bass
2007 Dark Passion Play Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
2007 Hi Five - Female Fronted Metal (Split) Bass
2007 Erämaan viimeinen (Single) Bass
2008 Bye Bye Beautiful (Single) Vocals, Bass
2008 The Islander (Single) Vocals, Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
2008 The Sound of Nightwish Reborn (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2009 Made in Hong Kong (and in Various Other Places) (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2009 Amaranth (Live) (Single) Bass
2011 Walking in the Air - The Greatest Ballads (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2011 Storytime (Single) Bass, Arrangements, Vocals
2011 Imaginaerum Vocals, Bass
2012 The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (Single) Bass, Vocals
2012 Trials of Imaginaerum (EP) Vocals, Bass
2012 Imaginaerum - The Score Bass, Vocals
2013 Storytime (live) (Single) Bass, Vocals
2013 Ghost Love Score (live) (Single) Bass, Vocals
2013 Showtime, Storytime (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2014 The Three Goddesses (Split) Bass, Vocals
2015 Élan (Single) Guitars (acoustic), Bass, Vocals
2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Single) Bass, Vocals
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Northern Kings

Vocals (2007-present)

Raskasta Joulua

Vocals (2004-present)

2004 Raskasta joulua Vocals (tracks 8, 10)
2006 Raskaampaa joulua Vocals (tracks 1, 12)
2013 Raskasta joulua Vocals
2014 Raskasta joulua 2 Vocals (lead) (tracks 1, 2, 13; DVD tracks 5, 11, 13, 16)
2015 Tulkoon joulu - Akustisesti Vocals


Vocals (2009-present)


Bass, Vocals (1985-present)

1986 Wings of Darkness / Back in the Fire (Single) Bass, Vocals
1986 Spell of Iron Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (track 10)
1986 Love's Not Made for My Kind / Things That Crawl at Night (Single) Bass, vocals
1988 Rose on the Grave / I Don't Care Anymore (Single) Bass, vocals
1988 Follow Me into Madness Vocals, Bass
1993 To Live Forever Vocals, Bass
1994 To Live Again (Live album) Bass, Vocals
1995 Angels of Pain (Single) Bass, vocals
1995 Stigmata Vocals, Bass
1995 As One (Single) Bass, vocals
1997 Warhead (Single) Bass, vocals
1998 For the Glory of Nothing Vocals, Bass
1998 The Punishment (Single) Bass, vocals
2003 Undead Son (Single) Bass, vocals
2003 Suffer Our Pleasures Bass, Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2006 Crows Fly Black Bass, Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2008 Undead Indeed (Live album) Vocals (lead), Bass
2008 Undead Indeed (Video) Bass, Vocals (lead)
2010 I Walk Forever (Single) Bass, vocals
2010 Gravity of Light Bass, Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2011 The Spell of Iron MMXI Vocals, Bass
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Bass, Vocals


Bass, Vocals (1999-2002)

2000 To Hell and Back Vocals (Tracks 3, 7), Bass
2002 Suicide by My Side Vocals (backing), Bass


2013 Parasites of Paradise Guitars (acoustic) (tracks 2, 6, 8)

After Forever

2005 Remagine Vocals on "Face Your Demons"


2003 Days of Rising Doom Vocals (as "Syrius")


2003 Invitation Vocals (backing)


2006 Eclipse Vocals (backing)
2007 Silent Waters Vocals (backing)
2009 Skyforger Vocals (backing)


2016 Ghostlights Vocals (Track 7)


2013 The Theory of Everything Vocals ("The Rival")


2003 Religious / Delicious (Single) Vocals (backing)
2003 The Dying Daylights Vocals (backing)


1999 Worlds Apart Vocals (backing)


2006 Lucidity Vocals (tracks 1, 4, 7, 8, 10), Bass
2007 Frozen (Single) Bass
2007 See Me in Shadow (Single) Bass
2009 April Rain Vocals (on "Control the Storm" and "Nothing Left")
2010 Nothing Left (Single) Vocals (track 1)
2012 We Are the Others Vocals (on bonus tracks 13 & 14)
2014 The Human Contradiction Vocals (tracks 2, 6)


2002 Beyond Reality Vocals on 4 & 5

Ebony Ark

2006 Decoder 2.0 Vocals (additional) on tracks 3, 5, 8, 9 & 10

Elias Viljanen

2009 Fire-Hearted Vocals (track 2)


2003 Wither Vocals (clean) (Track 9)


2001 Rock Hell Vocals (backing)

Machine Men

2007 Circus of Fools Vocals (backing) (Track 9)


2009 The Past Prelude Vocals (backing)

Nuclear Blast Allstars

2007 Into the Light Vocals (track 9)

Shade Empire

2004 Sinthetic Vocals (on track 3)

Stoner Kings

2006 Fuck the World Vocals (backing)


1998 Destiny Vocals (backing)
2000 Infinite Vocals (backing)
2003 Elements Pt. 1 Vocals (backing)
2003 Elements Pt. 2 Vocals (backing)

Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus

2004 Hyvä ihminen (Single) Vocals (backing)
2004 Kylmä tila Vocals (backing) (Track 1)


1999 All Eternity Vocals (backing)
2001 Epilogue Vocals (backing)


As Hietalan poeka:

2006 Muanpiällinen helevetti Vocals (backing)


2002 Secret Visions Vocals (Tracks 1, 5)


1990 Gehenna (EP) Keyboards, Vocals (choirs)


2006 House of Sleep (Single) Producer (Vocals)
2006 Eclipse Producer (Vocals)
2006 The Smoke (Single) Producer (Vocals)
2007 Silent Waters (Single) Producer (Vocals)
2007 Silent Waters Producer (vocals)
2009 Silver Bride (Single) Producer (Vocals)
2009 Skyforger Producer (vocals)
2009 From the Heaven of My Heart (Single) Producer (Vocals)
2011 You I Need (Single) Producer
2011 The Beginning of Times Producer (vocals)


1999 Worlds Apart Engineering


2011 Imaginaerum Engineering (bass)
2012 Imaginaerum - The Score Arrangements
2013 Showtime, Storytime (Video) Mixing


1993 To Live Forever Producer, Engineering
1995 Stigmata Mixing, Engineering, Cover art (concept), Producer
1998 For the Glory of Nothing Engineering
2003 Suffer Our Pleasures Artwork concept, Producer
2006 Crows Fly Black Producer, Lyrics
2008 Undead Indeed (Live album) Lyrics
2010 Gravity of Light Recording, Engineering


1990 Gehenna (EP) Producer
1991 Damnation Play Producer, Recording (as "Marko Hietala")
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