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Jason Fuller

Jason Fuller

Real/full name:
Jason Fuller
Place of origin:

Blood Duster

As Jason P.C.:
Bass, Vocals (1991-present)

1992 Menstrual Soup (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1993 Fisting the Dead (EP) Bass (as "Jason")
1996 Yeest / Fisting the Dead (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
1996 Yeest (EP) Bass, Vocals
1997 Str8outtanorthcote Bass, Vocals (high-pitched)
2000 Cunt Bass, Vocals (high) (as "P.C.")
2001 Fisting the Dead / Yeest (Compilation) Bass (as "Jason")
2002 D.F.F. (EP) Bass, Vocals, Drums (track -2)
2003 Blood Duster Bass, Vocals (high-pitched)
2007 Lyden Nå Bass
2008 Fisting the Dead (Compilation) Bass (as "Jason")
2009 Sixsixsixteen Euro Dance Remix (Single) Bass
2009 First United Meth Church (Split) Bass, Vocals
2012 Kvlt Bass, Vocals
2012 Svck (EP) Bass, Vocals
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Clit Sac


Dern Rutlidge


Captain Cleanoff


2013 War of the Second Dragon / Captain Cleanoff (Split) Bass (as "Jasan PC")
2013 Shower of Bricks / Captain Cleanoff (Split) Bass (as "Jason")


As Jason PC:

2014 Pastor of Muppets (EP) Handclaps (Track 6), Samples

Blood Duster

1993 Fisting the Dead (EP) Lyrics (as "Jason")
2000 Cunt Lyrics (as "Jason P.C.")
2001 Fisting the Dead / Yeest (Compilation) Lyrics (as "Jason")
2002 D.F.F. (EP) Producer (as "Jason P.C.")
2003 Blood Duster Producer, Art direction (as "Jason PC")
2008 Fisting the Dead (Compilation) Lyrics (as "Jason")
2009 Sixsixsixteen Euro Dance Remix (Single) Producer, Artwork (etching, arse photo) (as "Jason P.C.")


2012 12.04.12 Mixing

Brutal Truth

2009 Evolution Through Revolution Mixing, Mastering (as "Jason P.C.")
2011 End Time Mixing (as "Jason P.C.")

Captain Cleanoff

2007 Discography 1998 - 2001 (Compilation) Remastering (as "Jason P.C.")


2009 Lord of the Deep Recording, Mixing


2011 Ancient Torture (Compilation) Remastering (as "Jason PC")


2012 Decrepit Rituals Mastering (as "Jason "PC" Fuller")


2014 Pastor of Muppets (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Remastering (as "Jason PC")


2012 Keepin' It Stiff Recording, Engineering

Hotel Wrecking City Traders

2014 Ikiryo Mixing, Mastering, Recording (as "Jason PC")

I Exist

2012 Record / Resist (Single) Mixing

Internal Rot

2011 Internal Rot (EP) Recording, Mixing

King Parrot

2012 Bite Your Head Off Recording (additional), Mixing (as "Jason P.C.")


2011 Your Soul Belongs to Us... (Split) Recording (as "Jason P.C.")

Nocturnal Graves

2010 The Gravespirit Sessions (Split) Mastering (as "J. Fuller")


2014 Demo 2013 (Demo) Mixing, Mastering


2010 Secondhand Family Mastering


2011 Zeichen der Hexe Recording, Mixing (as "Jason "P.C." Fuller")

The Day Everything Became Nothing

2006 Invention : Destruction Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Jason P.C")

The Kill

2012 Make 'em Suffer Recording (as "Jason PC")
2012 Brain Sick / White Eyes (Split) Mixing (as "Jason PC")
2013 The Kill / The Communion (Split) Recording (as "Jason PC")
2013 The Kill / モータライズド (Split) Recording (as "Jason PC")
2013 Shower of Bricks / Captain Cleanoff (Split) Recording (as "Jason P.C.")
2013 Antigama / The Kill / Noisear (Split) Mastering (as "Jason PC")
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