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Jörg Michael

Jörg Michael

Real/full name:
Jörg Michael
51 (born Mar 27th, 1963)
Place of origin:
Germany (Dortmund)


Jörg began drumming at the relatively late age of fifteen. A drum tutor recognized his energetic and ambitious attitude and encouraged his unusually heavy style of playing... His first professional engagement came in 1983 with the formation of the heavy metal band AVENGER (who later became RAGE). Jörg made their first three albums, 'Prayers of Steel', 'Reign of Fear' and 'Execution Guaranteed'. ...

Devil's Train



Drums (1989-1996, 2007-present)

1990 Parody of Life Drums
1992 A Bizarre Gardening Accident Drums
1994 Rebirth Drums
2008 Parasite of Society Drums


Drums (2012-present)

2013 Opus I - All My Kingdoms Drums

Living Death

Drums (2008-?)


Drums (1983-1985)

1983 Demo #3 (Demo) Drums
1983 Faster Than Hell (Demo) Drums
1983 Demo (Demo) Drums
1985 Prayers of Steel Drums
1985 Depraved to Black (EP) Drums

Axel Rudi Pell

Drums (1989-1998)

1989 Hear You Calling Me (Single) Drums
1989 Broken Heart (Single) Drums
1989 Wild Obsession Drums
1991 Nasty Reputation Drums
1992 Eternal Prisoner Drums
1993 Forever Young (Single) Drums
1994 Between the Walls Drums
1995 Made in Germany (Live album) Drums
1996 Black Moon Pyramid Drums
1997 Magic Drums
1998 Oceans of Time Drums
(show all)

Der Riß




1994 For the Sake of Truth Drums

Grave Digger

Drums (1993-1994)

1993 The Reaper Drums
1994 Symphony of Death (EP) Drums

House of Spirits


1994 Turn of the Tide Drums
1999 Psychosphere Drums


Drums (guest) (2004)

Laos (Gudrun Laos)


Mekong Delta

Drums (1985-1991)

1987 Mekong Delta Drums (as "Gordon Perkins")
1988 The Music of Erich Zann Drums, Percussion
1988 The Gnom (EP) Drums
1989 The Principle of Doubt Drums, Percussion
1989 Toccata (Single) Drums
1990 Dances of Death (And Other Walking Shadows) Drums (as "Gordon Perkins")
2007 Live in Frankfurt 1991 (Video) Drums

Onkel Tom Angelripper

Drums (1995)


Drums (1986-1987)

1986 Reign of Fear Drums
1987 Execution Guaranteed Drums

Running Wild

Drums (1994-1998)

1994 The Privateer (Single) Drums
1994 Black Hand Inn Drums
1995 Masquerade Drums
1998 The Rivalry Drums


Drums (2004-2005)

2004 Beyond the Grave (Single) Drums
2004 Lionheart Drums
2006 The Eagle Has Landed Pt. III (Live album) Drums (on the "Lionheart tour" tracks)


Drums (2004-2006)

2004 Lost in You (Demo) Drums


Drums (1995-2004, 2005-2012)

1996 Father Time (Single) Drums
1996 Will the Sun Rise? (Single) Drums
1996 Episode Drums
1997 Black Diamond (Single) Drums
1997 Visions Drums
1997 The Kiss of Judas (Single) Drums
1998 Visions of Europe (Live album) Drums
1998 S.O.S. (Single) Drums
1998 Destiny Drums
2000 Infinite Drums
2000 Hunting High and Low (Single) Drums
2000 It's a Mystery (Single) Drums
2000 A Million Light Years Away (Single) Drums
2000 Infinite Visions (Video) Drums
2002 Eagleheart (Single) Drums
2003 Elements Pt.1 Drums
2003 I Walk to My Own Song (Single) Drums
2003 Elements Pt.2 Drums
2005 Maniac Dance (Single) Drums
2005 Stratovarius Drums
2008 Revolution Renaissance (Demo) Drums
2009 Deep Unknown (Single) Drums
2009 Polaris Drums
2010 Darkest Hours (EP) Drums
2011 Elysium Drums
2012 Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live in Tampere (Live album) Drums
2012 Under Flaming Winter Skies - Live in Tampere (Video) Drums
2013 Unbreakable (EP) Drums on tracks 2, 3, 4 and 5
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Unleashed Power


1997 Mindfailure Drums
1999 Absorbed (EP) Drums

X-Mas Project

As Gordon Perkins:
Drums (1985, 1995)

1986 X-Mas Project Unknown (as "Jörg")

Running Wild

Drums (1990)

Beto Vazquez Infinity

2001 Battle of Valmourt (EP) Drums on "Battle of Valmourt" & "Promises under the Rain"
2002 Wizard (EP) Drums (Track 1, 2, 3, 6, 6 (Russian version))

Metal Sword

1985 Harder Than Steel (EP) Drums

Revolution Renaissance

2008 New Era Drums (on track 11)
2010 EP (EP) Drums (6-8)
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