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Gyula Havancsák

Gyula Havancsák

Real/full name:
Gyula Havancsák
38 (born Feb 27th, 1977)
Place of origin:
Hungary (Túrkeve)


As Hjules:
Bass (2008-present)

2011 Nydvind / Bornholm (Split) Bass
2013 Inexorable Defiance Bass


As Hjules:
Bass (1997-1999)

1997 Album Bass



Sin of Kain

As Hjules:



Age of Nemesis

2006 Psychogeist Artwork, Cover art
2007 Terra Incognita Artwork, Cover art

Alison Hell

2008 Goret Cover art


2004 All for You Cover art, Design
2004 The One (EP) Cover art
2005 Schizo Deluxe Cover art, Design
2007 Metal Cover art, Design
2010 Annihilator Cover art, Design, Illustrations
2013 Feast Cover art, Artwork, Design
2015 Suicide Society (Single) Cover art, Artwork, Design
2015 Suicide Society Cover art, Design, Artwork

At Vance

2009 Ride the Sky Cover art


2008 Seasons of Tragedy Cover art, Layout

Bob Katsionis

2002 Turn of My Century Cover art (Rerelease)

Dark Moor

2015 Project X Cover art, Design


2015 The Modern Age Cover art, Design (as "Hjules")


2004 Riders of the Apocalypse Layout, Artwork


2005 Inventor of Evil Cover art
2008 D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. Cover art, Design
2009 The Curse of the Antichrist - Live in Agony (Live album) Cover art
2010 A Savage Symphony - The History of Annihilation (Video) Cover art
2011 Day of Reckoning Cover art, Design, Artwork
2012 Spiritual Genocide Cover art, Artwork

Easy Rider

2003 Animal Cover art


2006 The Winter Wake Artwork, Layout
2007 The Scythe Artwork
2008 Two Tragedy Poets (...and a Caravan of Weird Figures) Artwork, Design


2015 One Man Army Cover art, Booklet


2005 Mind Games Cover art, Layout

Grave Digger

2005 The Last Supper Cover art, Artwork
2006 Yesterday (EP) Cover art, Artwork, Layout, Design
2006 Silent Revolution (Single) Cover art
2007 Liberty or Death Cover art
2008 Pray (EP) Cover art, Artwork
2009 Ballads of a Hangman Cover art
2010 The Clans Will Rise Again Cover art, Artwork
2011 The Clans Are Still Marching (Video) Cover art
2012 Home at Last (EP) Cover art, Artwork
2012 Clash of the Gods Cover art, Artwork
2012 Clash of the Gods / Home at Last (Compilation) Cover art, Artwork
2014 Return of the Reaper Cover art
2015 Exhumation (The Early Years) Cover art, Artwork
(show all)

Hour of Penance

2010 Paradogma Cover art
2012 Sedition Cover art
2014 Regicide Cover art

Ivory Knight

2005 Unconscience Cover art

John Perinbam

2009 Knightfall Cover art (as "Gyula Havanscak")


2010 Dio Cover art

Jungle Rot

2009 What Horrors Await Artwork, Layout
2011 Kill on Command Artwork, Layout
2013 Terror Regime Artwork


2003 Totem Artwork, Cover art
2005 Keresztes háború Artwork, Cover art

Memory Garden

2008 Carnage Carnival Cover art, Artwork, Booklet
2013 Doomain Artwork (as "Hjules")


2002 Terra Incognita Artwork, Cover art (as "Gyula "H.Jules" Havancsák")
2002 Eden? Cover art, Design


2012 Perihelion Artwork (as "Gyula “Hjules” Havancsák")


2003 Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow Part IV Additional Graphics
2004 Invisible Cover art, Layout
2005 Nightfall Overture Cover art

Opera Diabolicus

2012 1614 Artwork


1990 A rock katonái Artwork (Remastered version)
2001 Titkos ünnep Artwork
2002 Árnyékból a fénybe Artwork
2003 Hangerőmű Cover art
2004 Tűzkeresztség Cover art

Perzonal War

2012 Captive Breeding Artwork, Cover layout, Designing

Running Death

2015 Overdrive Cover art

Sear Bliss

2004 Glory and Perdition Layout, Artwork, Design
2005 Decade of Perdition (Video) Cover art
2007 The Arcane Odyssey Artwork


2015 The Seventh Life Path Layout, Design, Cover art


2008 Mare Nostrum Cover art, Artwork, Layout
2013 Hesperia Cover art, Layout


2009 Deep Unknown (Single) Cover art
2009 Polaris Cover art
2010 Darkest Hours (EP) Cover art
2011 Elysium Cover art
2013 Unbreakable (EP) Cover art
2013 Nemesis Cover art
2015 Eternal Cover art


2010 Mulmets viser Artwork
2011 Maledictus Eris Cover art, Layout
2015 Vældet Layout, Artwork

Tales of Dark...

2009 Perdition Calls Cover art, Booklet


2008 Thirst Cover art (front)


2012 Kingdom Artwork, Design


2009 Ego Anthem Cover art


2009 By the Light of the Northern Star Artwork
2011 The Lay of Thrym Design, Cover art
2013 Valkyrja Layout, Design


2014 Metal Bridge Cover art


2004 Wisdom (EP) Cover art
2006 Words of Wisdom Cover art
2011 Judas Artwork
2013 Marching for Liberty Cover art


2014 Явь Artwork, Design
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