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Real/full name:
Guillaume Béry
34 (born May 21st, 1980)
Place of origin:


The band Mixomatosis Guyome played in is not the same as the Spanish band of the same name.


2014 Pornocaust / CxQxMxFx / Clotpump / Tu Carne (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Drums

Corporal Abuse

Unknown (2001-present)


Drums, Vocals (2010-present)


Drums (2009-present)

Pulmonary Fibrosis

Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Bass (1999-present)

2000 Songs of Pathological Experience (Demo) Guitars, Vocals (as "Gore")
2001 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Virus (Split) Guitars, Vocals
2001 Ulcerrhoea / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Split) Guitars, Vocals (as "Gore")
2001 Boiling Remains / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Split) All instruments (Tracks 28-31), Drums, Vocals (Tracks 12-27)
2003 Grinding Party !!! (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars (Track 17) (as "Guillaume")
2003 Medical Dissector (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars (Tracks 19, 31, 32) (as "Guillaume")
2003 Carnal Diafragma / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars (as "Guillaume")
2004 Grindcore Rehearsal 3 (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars (Track 17) (as "Guillaume")
2005 Uncontrollable Pulsating Dismemberment Split (Split) Drums, Vocals
2005 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Sordid Clot (Split) Drums
2006 Spermageddon / Untitled (Split) Drums, Vocals
2006 Pulmonary Fibrosis / NecroKillGraveTerror (Split) Drums, Vocals
2007 Organ Maggots Drums, Vocals
2009 Violent Deaths (Split) Drums, Vocals, Bass
2009 Contorted Mutilation (Split) Drums, Vocals, Bass
2010 Hospitalized (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars
2011 Interstitial Lung Diseases Drums, Vocals (growls & backing), Guitars
2012 Hyperemesis / Pulmonary Fibrosis / Hipermenorrea (Split) Drums, Vocals
2012 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars
2013 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Fecalizer / Cannibe / Olocausto (Split) Drums, Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2013 4 Way Tape (Split) Drums, Guitars, Vocals
2013 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Taste My Smegma / Bowel Evacuation / Kadaverficker (Split) Drums, Vocals
2014 The Brothers of Gore (Split) Drums, Backing Vocals, Guitars
2014 Broncho-pneumopathie Chronique Obstructive / Suppository of Speed (Split) Drums, Guitars, Vocals
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The Bottle Doom Lazy Band

As Guillaume "Guyome":

2007 The Beast Must Die (Demo) Drums
2008 Blood for the Bloodking Drums
2011 Doom Freaks (Split) Drums






2012 Covered with Bowels (Split) Drums (Tracks 8, 9), Guitars (Track 9)

Teen Pussy Fuckers

2012 Necromorphosis / She Looks Prettier Cause She's Dead / Who Are You (Split) Vocals (Track 7)


2012 Christmas Gore (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Pulmonary Fibrosis

2000 Songs of Pathological Experience (Demo) Logo (as "Gore")
2009 Contorted Mutilation (Split) Mixing, Mastering
2010 Hospitalized (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Interstitial Lung Diseases Recording
2012 Hyperemesis / Pulmonary Fibrosis / Hipermenorrea (Split) Mixing, Mastering
2012 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork
2013 4 Way Tape (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2013 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Fecalizer / Cannibe / Olocausto (Split) Mastering
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