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Doomicus Stardust

Doomicus Stardust

Real/full name:
Aldo Araya Contreras
Place of origin:


Drums, Keyboards, Vocals (1990-present)

1991 Nemesis Rehearsal (Demo) Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Flute
1992 Nemesis (Demo) Vocals (as "Doomicus")
1992 Doomed (Demo) Vocals (as "Doomicus")
1993 My Death for You on a Night of Cursed Fullmoon (Split) Vocals, Keyboards (as "Doomicus")
1996 Hibernum in Perpetuum Vocals, Keyboards
1997 Dragonflight Vocals
2001 Somewhere Beyond the Mist Vocals
2003 Selfconfidence Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
2005 Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return Mouth harp, Effects, Backing vocals, Percussion, Keys, Samples, Lead vocals
2007 Dragonflight 2007 Vocals, Keys, Bass, Guitars
2009 Ymer Land / Bewitched / Gorjeo Seglar (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys
2014 Demo 2014 (Demo) Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
2014 Caravans (EP) Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
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Vocals, Choirs, Samples, Keyboards, Mouthharp, Percussion

1996 Doomicus Trip Choirs, Percussion, Keyboards, Samples, Mouthharp, Vocals (as "Doomicus")
2006 The Pagan Tribute Mouthharp, Vocals, Choirs, Percussion, Keyboards, Samples
2013 Abraxas (The Ignotum Dusk) Keyboards, Samples, Mouthharp, Vocals, Choirs, Percussion


All instruments

1997 Gathering of Swords Vocals, Keyboards
1999 Demo 99 (Demo) Nocturnal whispers
2003 Mother's Revenge (Single) All instruments
2013 The Key of Wisdom (EP) Black Light Breath, keys, percussion, bass and additional guitars
2015 Notung EP (Single) Vox, drums and keys


1995 The Stone Is Grit... (Demo) Vocals (backing)


2011 Demos (Compilation) Mastering
2013 Universal Requiem Mastering (as "Doomicus")


2013 Abhorrence to the Lambs of God Iconoclast & Misery (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2013 ...and the New Age of Darkness Shall Rise in Hate (Split) Mixing, Mastering, Engineering


1992 Nemesis (Demo) Lyrics, Producer
1992 Doomed (Demo) Producer, Lyrics (as "Aldo Doomicus")
1996 Hibernum in Perpetuum Artwork, Executive producer, Photography
1997 Dragonflight Recording
2003 Selfconfidence Executive producer
2005 Unveiling Zion: The Mother's Return Producer, Mastering, Recording, Executive producer, Mixing
2009 Ymer Land / Bewitched / Gorjeo Seglar (Split) Mastering
2014 Demo 2014 (Demo) Engineering
2014 Caravans (EP) Engineering


2008 Secrets Remastering


2006 Dharohg Mastering


2008 Niin musta on maa (Compilation) Mastering


2013 Abraxas (The Ignotum Dusk) Recording, Mastering, Art direction


1997 Gathering of Swords Lyrics, Executive producer (as "Doomicus")
2013 The Key of Wisdom (EP) Recording, mixing, mastering and artworks

Obtained Enslavement

1998 Soulblight Remastering


2009 Re-Exhumation (Compilation) Mastering


2011 Ceremonial Abhorrence & Darkness (Compilation) Remastering

Witch Cross

2007 Fit for Fight Remastering
2011 Fit for Fight Remastering
2012 Fit for Fight Remastering
2012 Fit for Fight Remastering
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