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Real/full name:
Jamie Stonge
39 (born Apr 5th, 1975)
Place of origin:
United States (Montoursville, PA)


Darkj started his musical journey right after high school. Being as his roots are from the 80's, he enjoyed the thrash and death metal genre so much, that he wanted to form a band and play it.

Darkj along with Robert "Gecko" Frank started the band Mazzey in 1994. Everything we played was all improvised material and recorded on cassette tapes as demos. They played heavy/thrash metal. He wrote ...

Frozen Mist

Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Bass (2004-2014, 2014-present)

2004 Nightmares of the Autumn Succubus All instruments, Lyrics
2004 Return to Capcomia All instruments, Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2004 The 5th Season All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2004 October Harvest All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2004 Cemetary Rain All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Winterasylum All instruments, Vocals (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Resonate All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Pillars of a Scornful Creation (EP) All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Ethereal Eternity (EP) All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Traverse Thru Realms of Nevermore All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Cemetery Rain II - The Melodic Darkness Diary All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Weeping Redolence All instruments, Vocals (as "Jamie Stonge")
2006 Foreshadowed All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2006 Melancholic Willows (Single) All instruments, Vocals (as "Jamie Stonge")
2006 Godforsaken All instruments, Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2006 Sapphiric All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2007 Dead Winter's Hollow (EP) All instruments (as "Jamie Stonge")
2008 Dark Seasons of Sorrow Vocals (lead), Keyboards, Guitars (rhythm), Drums, Bass
2009 Espershades Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (lead), Bass, Drums, Keyboards
2010 White Noise Paranormal Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (lead), Bass, Drums, Keyboards
2011 Anomalies of the Forest Drums, Bass, Guitars (rhythm), Octagonal shamanic drum, Vocals (lead)
2012 Mother Earth Pantheon Vocals (lead), Drums, Guitars, Bass, Octagonal shamanic drum, Rattles
2013 The Underground Journey of Darkj (Video) Host
2014 Paganwinds Vocals, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars
(show all)


As Jamie "Darkj" Stonge:
Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Lyrics, Drums (2013-present)


As Jamie Stonge:
Vocals, Drums (1994-2001), Vocals, Drums, Guitars, Keyboards (2014-present)

1994 The Curse (Demo) Vocals, Drums
1994 Holocaust (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1994 Destiny (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1994 Demented (Demo) Drums, Vocals (lead)
1995 Live: Holocaust (Live album) Vocals, Drums
1995 Mazzey Drums, Vocals
1995 Summer Sweat (Demo) Drums, Vocals (backing)
1995 Scarred (Demo) Vocals, Drums
1995 Return of the New & Uncensored (Demo) Drums, Percussion
1996 Egotistic Bastard of Society Drums, Vocals
1996 Holocaustic Memories Drums, Vocals
1997 Pussywhipped Vocals, Drums
1997 Dead Forever! (Demo) Vocals, Drums
1999 Revelation Drums, Vocals
1999 Imploding Explosion Drums, Vocals (lead)
1999 Deuce Vocals, Drums
2000 Holocaust 2000: The Funny, Funky Fucked-Up Version (Demo) Lead Vocals, Drums (as "Js.")
2014 Die Zwanzig Jahr Holocaust (Video) Host
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All instruments, Vocals (2014-present)

2014 Ode All instruments, Vocals


As Jamie:
All instruments (2007-2009, 2011-2013)

2007 Dawning (Demo) Vocals, All instruments
2007 Crepuscule Vocals, All instruments
2008 SINderella All instruments, Vocals
2009 Karma All instruments
2011 Demoralized (Demo) All instruments


All instruments, Vocals (2011-2013)

2012 Kasdeya (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Darker Than Black All instruments, Vocals

Funeral Dust

Session Drums (2011), Bass (2012)

Forests of Old

As Morteaus:

2009 Voices from Oblivion (EP) Drums
2010 Dying (EP) Drums

Frozen Mist

2004 Cemetary Rain Mastering, Editing, Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Winterasylum Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Cemetery Rain II - The Melodic Darkness Diary Mastering, Editing, Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2005 Weeping Redolence Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2006 Foreshadowed Lyrics (as "Jamie Stonge")
2009 Five Years of Darkness (Compilation) Mastering, Producer, Mixing


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