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Damon Good

Damon Good

Real/full name:
Damon Good
Place of origin:

Cauldron Black Ram

As Alim:
Guitar, Vocals

2004 Skulduggery Guitar, Vocals
2010 Slubberdegullion Guitar, Vocals
2011 The Poisoner Maxi-EP (EP) Guitar, Vocals

Lord of the Command

As The Great Righteous Destroyer:

2000 Vicious and Unrelenting Savagery (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2005 Demonwrought Death Metal Insanity (Demo) Guitars


As The Great Righteous Destroyer:

1998 Lucifer (EP) Bass
1999 Winds of Desecration / Hellstorm - Chaosrape (Split) Bass
2004 United in Hell (Split) Bass
2012 Brutal Legions of the Apocalypse Bass

Misery's Omen

As D.E.M.O.N.:
Vocals (backing), Bass

Mournful Congregation

Vocals, Bass, Guitars (1993-present)

1994 Weeping (Demo) Bass, Guitars
1995 An Epic Dream of Desire (Demo) Vocals, Bass, Guitars
1999 Tears from a Grieving Heart Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2002 Worship / Mournful Congregation (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2004 A Slow March to the Burial / Gates (Split) Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2005 The Monad of Creation Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2007 Mournful Congregation / Stone Wings (Split) Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2008 Four Burials (Split) Vocals, Bass, Guitars
2009 The June Frost Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics
2011 The Book of Kings Bass, Guitars, Vocals
2014 Concrescence of the Sophia (EP) Vocals, Bass, Guitars
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As The Great Righteous Destroyer:
Bass, Vocals (1995-present)

2001 Arghoslent / Stargazer (Split) Bass, Vocals
2005 The Scream That Tore the Sky Vocals, Bass
2010 A Great Work of Ages Bass, Vocals
2014 A Merging to the Boundless Bass, Vocals

The Esoteric Connexion


Johnny Touch


2010 Fight for It (Demo) Bass (as "Damon 'Rip n' hacker' Good")

Blood Incantation

2014 Astral Spells (Demo) Fretless Bass

One Step Beyond

As T.G.R.D:

2007 Beyond Good and Evil Bass (2nd solo on 11)


As T.G.R.D:

2006 Lurker at the Threshold (Demo) Bass
2007 Outre' Bass (as "Elsewhere")

Virgin Black

2007 Requiem - Mezzo Forte Vocals (choirs)
2008 Requiem - Fortissimo Vocals (choirs)


2009 Aethyrvorous (Demo) Recording (Guitars, Bass) (as "Great Righteous Destroyer")

Beyond Mortal Dreams

2014 Lamia (Single) Mastering

Cauldron Black Ram

2004 Skulduggery Recording (as "The Great Righteous Destroyer")

Erebus Enthroned

2013 Accession of Fire (Split) Mastering, Mixing


2014 Consumed by Elder Sign Mastering, Recording, Mixing


2004 United in Hell (Split) Recording (tracks 3-6) (as "The Great Righteous Destroyer")

Mournful Congregation

2005 The Monad of Creation Layout
2009 The June Frost Recording (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Mixing
2011 The Book of Kings Engineering, Mixing


2010 A Great Work of Ages Producer, Mixing
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