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Björn Gooßes

Björn Gooßes

Real/full name:
Björn Gooßes
37 (born 1978)
Place of origin:
Germany (Essen)

The Very End

Vocals (2004-present)

2005 Promo 2005 (Demo) Vocals
2007 Soundcheck for Your Funeral (Demo) Vocals
2008 Vs. Life Vocals
2011 Mercy & Misery Vocals
2012 Turn Off the World Vocals


Vocals (2003-2006)

2005 The Silencer Vocals

Night in Gales

Vocals (1996-2012)

1997 Towards the Twilight Vocals
1998 Thunderbeast Vocals
2000 Nailwork Vocals
2001 Necrodynamic Vocals (as "Björn Goosses")
2011 Five Scars Vocals (as "Björn Goosses")


2003 Yearning for the Grotesque Vocals (tracks 5, 6, 8)

Bloodred Bacteria

2005 Abscess / Bloodred Bacteria (Split) Vocals (additional)

Grind Inc.

2010 Lynch and Dissect Vocals on track 8


2010 The I-Conception Vocals (track 3)


As Bjorn Goosses:

2010 Wheels of Purgatory Vocals (Track 13)

Nebular Moon

As Bjoern Goosses:

2001 Metamorphosis Vocals


As Björn Goosses:

2013 In Deepest Silence Vocals (track 8)


2005 The Archaic Abattoir Design (as "Killustrations")
2007 Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture Artwork (as "Killustrations")


2003 Yearning for the Grotesque Cover art, Artwork

Beyond the Embrace

2002 Against the Elements Artwork, Design, Art direction, Photography

Ceremonial Perfection

2011 Alone in the End Artwork (as "Killustrations")

Circle II Circle

2008 Delusions of Grandeur Cover art (as "Killustrations Design")

Creation's End

2010 A New Beginning Artwork (as "Bjoern Goosses")


2005 Kill Maim Burn Cover art (as "Björn Goosses")


2008 Necrotic Nightmares Cover art (as "Killustrations")


2003 Impact Design, Artwork, Illustration, Art direction (as "Killustrations")
2005 Issue VI Design, Illustration, Art direction (as "Killustrations")
2007 Incinerate Cover art, Design, Illustration (as "Bjoern")
2010 Invocation Design, Illustrations, Artwork
2012 Icarus Illustration, Art direction, Artwork, Design
2013 Insurgent (Compilation) Cover art, Design, Artwork, Layout (as "Killustrations")


2003 Necrholocaust Cover art (as "Björn Goosses")


2008 Telesis Design, Illustration (as "Killustrations")


2008 The Unseen Cover art, Artwork (as "Killustrations")

Gloria Morti

2012 Lateral Constraint Cover art (as "Björn Goosses")


2009 Burn After Reaping Cover art
2011 Carnival Cadavre Artwork
2015 Inhabitants of Carcosa Artwork, Design

Hiroshima Will Burn

2009 To the Weight of All Things Artwork (as "Killustrations")


2012 Time for Revenge Cover art

Lay Down Rotten

2006 Breeding Insanity Cover art (as "Björn")
2007 Reconquering the Pit Cover art (as "Björn Goosses")
2009 Gospel of the Wretched Artwork, Design (as "Killustrations")

Mastic Scum

2009 Dust Cover art (as "Killustrations")


2012 Radio Apocalypse Cover art

Mortal Infinity

2012 District Destruction Art direction, Design, Illustrations (as "Björn Goosses")


2010 Wheels of Purgatory Artwork, Art direction (as "Bjorn Goosses")

Nebular Moon

2001 Metamorphosis Design, Layout, Photography (as "Bjoern Goosses")


2011 Psychogenocide Cover art (as "Killustrations")

Night in Gales

1997 Towards the Twilight Lyrics (Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 9)
1998 Thunderbeast Art direction, Design, Lyrics
2000 Nailwork Lyrics (as "Bjoern Goosses")
2001 Necrodynamic Artwork, Design, Lyrics (as "Björn Goosses")
2005 Ten Years of Tragedy (EP) Artwork, Lyrics (as "Bjoern Goosses")
2011 Five Scars Lyrics (as "Björn Goosses")


2006 Scream (Single) Artwork (as "Killustrations")
2006 Till Death Unites Us Artwork (as "Killustrations")


2006 Where Sinners Bleed Artwork, Art direction, Design (as "Killustrations")

One Man Army and the Undead Quartet

2011 The Dark Epic... Artwork (as "Björn Goosses")


2006 Evolution Hour Artwork, Art direction, Design (as "Killustrations")

Severe Torture

2005 Fall of the Despised Cover art, Artwork (as "Bjoern Goosses")
2007 Sworn Vengeance Cover art, Artwork (as "Killustrations")


2012 Breaking the Stillness Artwork, Design (as "Björn Goosses")

Smashed Face

2010 Misanthropocentric Design, Artwork (as "Killustrations")

Soul Demise

2010 Sindustry Artwork

Spheric Universe Experience

2007 Anima Artwork (as "Bjoern Goosses")


2006 BloodSpawn Cover art (as "Killustrations")
2007 Everlasting Enmity Cover art (as "Killustrations")
2009 Death Nation Anarchy Cover art (as "Killustrations")


2014 Omnidescent Artwork (as "Björn Goosses")

The Crown

2015 Death Is Not Dead Artwork (as "Björn Goosses")

The Very End

2008 Vs. Life Artwork
2011 Mercy & Misery Artwork (as "Killustrations")
2012 Turn Off the World Artwork

Truth Corroded

2013 The Saviours Slain Artwork (as "Björn Goosses")


2006 Milgram Artwork, Art direction, Design (as "Killustrations")


2009 Carnage Euphoria Artwork, Design (as "Killustrations")

Wolfpack Unleashed

2007 Anthems of Resistance Layout, Artwork (as "Björn Goosses")


2004 Human Plague Artwork, Art direction, Design (as "Killustrations")
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